Ten Business Babes Gagged And Bound

Release Date: Jul.13.2015
Running Time: 0:57:21
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Tomi Taylor, Amanda Tate, Kalina Ryu, Cassidy Banks, Kasey Warner, Kylie Nicole, Nikki Knightly, Xandra Sixx, Belle Fatale, Adriana Sephora

 Not one, not two, but three innocent and lovely office-workers were held in submission by conniving evildoers! Slender blonde Amanda Tate, amazonian Tomi Taylor and petite Kalina Ryu sat side-by-side against a bed's headboard, each tied, gagged and barefoot! Powerless to prevent their blouses from being disheveled and breasts bared, the humiliated girls received a final lesson in domination when their cleave-gags were replaced by duct tape and wrist-ankle tethers transformed their routine bondages into hogties! Kalina, Amanda and Tomi arched on their stomachs next to each other, bare soles close to their hands, as they moaned in despair!

Her supervisor warned new secretary Cassidy Banks to keep the office door locked when she was working alone. When kind-hearted Cassidy heard an old man moaning outside the door, she couldn't ignore his plight. Predictably, however, the man wasn't actually old and the plight soon became Cassidy's after the busty, dark-haired beauty was roped to her chair and gagged with a black cleave! When the intruder completed his larcenous project, he freed Cassidy's impressive breasts from her sweater, removed her heels and tickled her stockinged feet!

Accountant Kasey Warner was simply trying to do her job when she uncovered an embezzler at work; she was stunned when the desperate woman surprised her at home and turned the dark-haired whistle-blower into a tied and tape- gagged package! When she returned home, housemate Kylie Nicole was greeted by the frightening sight of Kasey struggling on the floor of her bedroom; soon Kylie joined her friend in rope-induced restraint! While the thieving book-keeper discussed their future with her associates, Kasey and Kylie rolled frantically about on the floor in blouses and skirts as they attempted to defeat the ropework oppressing their bodies! 

Nikki Knightly made the rash decision to investigate in person when she heard strange sounds coming from the room where a safe was located. House-sitting Nikki ran headfirst into a hooded burglar, who was prepared with rope to bind the impetuous girl and tape to quiet her cries! Trussed to the empty safe in a web of rope, the wide-eyed girl writhed unhappily, especially after her breasts were exposed and her shoes stolen by the brazen crook as a gift for his girlfriend!

They didn't have much in common: Xandra Sixx, a blonde, quiet secretary dressed in sweater, skirt and black heels; Belle Fatale, a dark-haired, high- energy party-girl clad in a loose black top, tight gold pants and bold white pumps. Yet they found themselves next to each other, both tightly bound and tethered to wooden chairs, both gagged with white tape covering their mouths! Belle and Xandra murmured hopefully to each other, trying to understand who had placed them in such an ominous situation; their apprehension increased after the phantom conspirators bared their feet and breasts! Both strained vigorously against the ropes controlling them, yet all they accomplished was to turn the chairs so that their wide-eyed whimpering was exercised face-to-face!

After Cassidy was released, she quit her job and was replaced by Adriana Sephora, who received the same stern warning. Adriana followed orders faithfully until she heard the dreaded cries of "Fire!" and unlocked the door in a panic. Like her predecessor, Adriana was bound to her chair and gagged; also like Cassidy, her breasts were bared, her pumps slipped off and her pantyhosed foot- bottoms tantalized by the devious thief! 

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