Natalie's Trial By Bondage

Release Date: Nov.16.2012
Running Time: 0:44:15
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Natalie Nice

Natalie Nice enthusiastically anticipates a spiritual journey but instead encounters rigorous restraint that tests her physical endurance!

As a barefoot and blindfolded Natalie stands robed in black, she hears a woman's voice commanding her to submit mentally and physically to the trials that will guide her to a higher level of spiritual development. Actions reinforce words when a spectral figure materializes, binds the compliant girl after she kneels, then removes her blindfold to use as a gag covering the cloth he's stuffed in her mouth. Her vision restored but her speech silenced, Natalie nervously tests the bonds that compress her limbs and begins to question her decision to seek spiritual enlightenment!

When Natalie meekly inquires how standing tautly roped in a purple corset and black garter stockings will contribute to her spiritual awakening, her question's cut short by the blue ball-gag tied between her lips! The bewildered girl twists uncomfortably in precise ropework, certain now that she's become the victim of bizarre cultists. As this trial proceeds, the buxom initiate's breasts are bared and she's made to stand on a pile of phone-books; her eyes wide, Natalie whimpers while she balances precariously!

Natalie's ordeal becomes more intense after she's entirely deprived of clothing and roped on her back to a wooden bench! Considering the helpless girl's growing desperation, it's quite appropriate that her wrists are bound before her in a prayerful position and linked to an invasive crotchrope. But Natalie's prayers for release go unanswered; instead, the spectre appears, ties the toes of the mystified captive, then bastinados her bare soles with a multi- strap flogger! Moaning through her cleave gag, Natalie strains with futile vigor against the web of rope embracing her and hopes that she'll soon awaken from this nightmare!

Strands of black rope bind Natalie's voluptuous naked body and stifle her cries while the intimidated girl kneels in a brown leather armchair and apprehensively awaits her next trial. Before long, her black-clad nemesis arrives and targets Natalie's curvaceous bottom with his flogger; the sounds of leather smacking taut flesh followed by indignant squeals fills the room! Once her cheeks are blushing pink, Natalie's tethered on her hip and squirms hopelessly until the voice announces that her final trial has been prepared!

Alarmingly hedged in by a semicircle of lighted candles, a ball-tied and tape-gagged Natalie undergoes her trial of fire and ice! Flinching as her least favorite person in the world maneuvers the candles within inches of her vulnerable flesh, Natalie wonders what more can possibly be done to her. Chips of ice pressed against her feet, legs, arms and breasts provide the answer! Finally left alone, the unhappy novice listens skeptically as the voice congratulates her on successfully enduring her trials and thereby reaching a new level of spiritual achievement! Natalie feigns acceptance of this judgement but silently vows to run like a bandit as soon as she's untied!

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