Naked Beauties Held In Bondage!

Release Date: Jul.13.2012
Running Time: 0:44:17
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Veronique Vega, Lena Shelby, August Knight, Tristan Kingsley, Lachelle Marie, Lela Star, Carly Banks, Mia Carroll, Jessica Valentino, Sandy Sweet, Amy Anderson, Susan Ray, Kerri Taylor, Maya Gates

Events are out of their control, so the bound and gagged nude captive can hardly choose the nature of her predicament, yet one wonders which situation is most troubling:

Is it lonely captivity, your struggles viewed only by shadowy strangers (Veronique Vega, Lena Shelby, August Knight)?

Is it to be the helpless captive of an attractive but predatory woman (Tristan Kingsley toyed with by Lachelle Marie; Lela Star the plaything of Carly Banks)?


Or is it restraint shared with other nude girls, your fears either diminished or magnified by their wide-eyed murmurs and writhings (Mia Carroll, Jessica Valentino, and Sandy Sweet; Amy Anderson, Susan Ray and Kerri Taylor; Maya Gates and Lachelle Marie [hopping in bondage as they attempt to escape!])?

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