The Gorgeous Enemies Of MIB

Release Date: Jul.12.2015
Running Time: 0:43:54
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Carlos, Roxanne Chadwick, Timmy, Holly Manning, Rio, Heather Stewart, Luke, Hannah Thurman, Lukas, Tiffany Thomas, Mario, Starr Conway, Mark, Julie King

 Seven Gorgeous ladies tie up and gag these helpless MIB's.

Roxanne Chadwick has her way with Carlos her captive prisoner as she sits over him as he struggles at her feet.

Poor Timmy made a big mistake when he planned a Costa Rica vacation during the rainy season with his girlfriend Holly Manning. She is pretty upset and decides he needs to be taught a lesson so she ties and gags him on the hotel balcony for all to see.

Heather Stewart needs to find some money that Rio has hidden in the house but he is no help so she ties him up and tape gags his mouth to keep him quiet as she ransacks the place.

Luke loves to get tied up and struggle but when his wife Hannah Thurman comes home to find him bound and gagged her image of him as a strong, powerful man is destroyed and she'll never look at him the same way again.

Computer tech Lukas is having trouble fixing Tiffany Thomas' computer and she is one impatient client so he ends up tied and gagged as she berates him about how inept he is.

Starr Conway teaches Mario about how to have good manners by tying him to the staircase railing. With his hands tied above his head Starr uses a lighter and a cigarette to get her point across.

Mark is one foot obsessed guy so when he sees his neighbor Julie King's door open and her sleeping barefoot he decided to take the opportunity to get closer to her feet. Big mistake Julie wakes up and immobilizes him with rope and shuts his mouth with tape as she calls the police. 

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