No Protection From Bondage

Release Date: Jun.29.2012
Running Time: 0:51:17
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Elle Alexandra, Hayden Hawkens

Elle Alexandra and Hayden Hawkens spend the day in bondage after they refuse to pay protection money to a creepy extortionist!

After they contemptuously reject a slimy character's offer of protection for their business, the pretty young entrepreneurs are still laughing about his bizarre appearance when the doors burst open and their ordeal begins! Black- clad enforcers Eden Wells and Nikki Nefarious have turned intimidation into an art-form; their assignment today is to convince Elle and Hayden that they've made a serious mistake in believing that they don't need protection! Ordering the stunned girls out of their shoes and clothing, Eden and Nikki swiftly bind and tape-gag them, then push them onto their knees! Naked except for their panties, the helpless victims whimper wide-eyed while their cold-hearted captors laugh at their plight and force them into breast-to-breast proximity!

Removed from their office to a location where Eden and Nikki can perform their perfidious activities at leisure, the fearful captives discover that their bound bodies will be used to humiliate each other! Naked now, Elle lies trussed but ungagged on her back while Nikki forces Hayden's bare toes into her mouth, then compels the miserable girl to lick her friend's soles! After her gag's removed, Hayden unhappily mouths Elle's feet; as soon as they've inflicted sufficient unpleasantness on their prisoners, the vicious women bind Elle and Hayden back-to-back and gleefully warn them that there's worse to come!

Elle soon discovers that the female enforcers are as good as their word when she's spread-eagled to the legs of an upended coffee-table and ball-gagged! After struggling momentarily in isolation, Elle's joined by the sadistic women, who've roped Hayden's hands in front so she can do their dirty work! A buzzing vibrator in her bound hands, the shivering blonde presses it against Elle's pussy amidst threats from Nikki and Eden if she fails to do her job satisfactorily; bucking and squealing as the plastic shaft sends waves of arousal throughout her body, the exhausted redhead finally subsides into silence!

No chance, of course, that Eden and Nikki would permit Hayden to escape her friend's fate, so they artfully spread the naked girl in a standing position and tie a blue rubber ball in her mouth! Kneeling beneath Hayden while their tormentors tower above her and play with the vulnerable blonde, a gagged and dazed Elle maneuvers the vibrator between her legs until she elicits an orgasm even more violent than her own!

Weary and defeated, the girls who believed they had no need of protection have been turned into a table-topping centerpiece of nude vulnerability: gagged with black cleaves, Elle and Hayden sit back- to-back and ruthlessly restrained, their legs drawn up by wrist-ankle tethers! As they wriggle uncomfortably, the trouble twins loom menacingly to remind them that it's never too late to accept the offer they never should have refused!

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