The Bondage Solution

Release Date: Nov.30.2012
Running Time: 0:44:35
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Charlee Monroe, Natalia Starr, Keira Kelly, Melody Jordan, Carissa Montgomery, Niki Lee Young

Sexy executive Charlee Monroe's the key pawn in a devious scheme directed against her company. Bound securely and gagged with a dark cleave by the conspirators, Charlee attempts to escape by squirming her way down a staircase and using her bare toes to open the door. Before she can succeed, she's thwarted by her captors, who diminish Charlee's mobility by hitching her to the stair-railing!

After forcing Natalia Starr to make a deceptive phone call, her mysterious female captor binds the blonde businesswoman to a chair and tapes her mouth! Once her scheme succeeds, the evil woman returns to Natalia's house to flaunt her theft by baring the bound and gagged prisoner's breasts and stealing her shoes!

Lying trussed up on the floor of her home office and tethered to a futon, Keira Kelly angrily eyes her captors and murmurs indignantly behind the black cloth tied over her mouth! Before they leave, the shadowy burglars rope Keira's wrists and ankles together, but the barefoot captive continues to struggle despite more restrictive bondage!

Honest secretary Melody Jordan's the victim of an intimidation campaign led by Carissa Montgomery, who's determined to prevent Melody from reporting office thefts by Carissa and friends! When Melody refuses to back off, she's bound and gagged, her shoes removed, and ruthless Carissa makes things hot for the struggling secretary's stockinged soles!

Before she can walk out the door to her job, office-worker Niki Lee Young reluctantly allows a dubious character to push his way in the door. Once he's determined that Niki's home alone, the ruffian overpowers her, ropes her to the stair-railing, covers her mouth with a black cloth and rambles through the house while the dazed young woman twists unhappily in unyielding ropework!

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