Men Bound Into Submission

Release Date: Mar.27.2014
Running Time: 0:51:32
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Chad, Charlotte Stokely, Derek, Chloe Lynn, Luke Jayden, Samantha Ryan, Max, Lena Shelby, Johnny, Kimberly Gates, Jordan, Jenna J. Ross

Chad cheats on girlfriend Charlotte Stokely by allowing a "dominatrix" to tie him up. But the mistress has no interest in Chad's desire for kinky fun -- she's just there to rip off the sucker! When Charlotte returns to find her guy bound and gagged, she's briefly sympathetic, but before she can untie him she smells perfume and swiftly deduces how Chad got in a bind.

Catching Derek off-guard, Chloe Lynn hogties and tape-gags him after stripping him to his briefs, then she uses his helpless body as a foot stool, laughing on the phone that he'll be the embarrassment now!

Samantha Ryan tricked military man Luke and the next thing he knew, Luke Jayden was bound and gagged. Samantha stuffed his mouth and then tied a gag around his head, then she tied him from his chest to his ankles and left him alone to report to her bosses. Luke couldn't believe that he was in this situation. None of his training ever prepared him for being tied and gagged by his girlfriend.

Max discovers the perils as well as the pleasures of a hot first date when he allows Lena Shelby to tie him to a stair-railing in his underwear! Turned on at first, Max grows alarmed at the strictness of the bondage and pleads with Lena to release him; instead the mischievous girl stuffs a ball-gag in his mouth and plays with him at her leisure.

Cruel Kimberly Gates dials up the tease-ometer by smilingly thrusting her naked breasts in his face while he eyes her nipples and moans in futile admiration! Mocking Johnny for his inability to take advantage of her charms, Kimberly leaves him struggling on the carpet, but returns later to assure him that she's only begun to make him squirm!

Jordan's an actor auditioning for a role as a detective in a low-budget movie. For some obscure reason, the producer of the film tests him in a scene where he's been tricked by a femme fatale, then tied up and gagged. Actress Jenna J. Ross "helps" Jordan in his test by enthusiastically playing the bad girl role, taping his mouth and teasing him with her breasts and bare feet -- a definite success for all!

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