Bind Her Tight And Tape Her Mouth

Release Date: Jan.18.2016
Running Time: 0:48:1
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Blake Eden, Summer Day, Blair Summers, Holly Manning, Rose Ballentine, Brooke Morgan, Shyla Jennings

An online sale turns scary when Blake Eden arrives at the location only to find her friend Summer Day squirming bound and gagged down the stairs! Blake receives a rope and tape-gag welcome that places her on the floor next to Summer; feisty Blake slips off her shoes and has success opening a window curtain with her bare toes until she's caught by the vigilant scammer. Their legs folded by waist-ankle tethers and breasts bared, Summer and Blake murmur in immobilized frustration while struggling side-by-side!

Sexy but scholarly, Blair Summers finds herself in an unexpected bind when she's tied up and tape-gagged, seated on the edge of a bed and hitched to the headboard! Her eyes wide with alarm behind her eye-glasses, long- legged Blair writhes with unconscious allure that's highlighted by glittering pantyhosed toes in strappy sandals! After her glasses and shoes are removed, bare- breasted Blair sits whimpering in a lotus-tie on the bed!

When Holly Manning returns from a meeting to discover that her office safe has been opened and the larcenous intruder is still lurking, the outcome is predictable! Holly's seated in her chair, her demure grey suit compressed with coils of duct tape; despite her promise to remain quiet, Holly's gagged with several more strips of tape! Although she twists energetically in the chair, then rolls onto the floor, Holly's tape- bondage proves far too restrictive for her to escape.

After a rotten ex-boyfriend pays her a surprise visit, Rose Ballentine gags herself with cloth and duct tape, then struggles precariously in bondage on her narrow kitchen counter! Before walking away, the vengeful jerk takes Rose's glasses and red pumps as mementoes and also opens her blouse for a final glimpse at her bare breasts. As her skirt rides up, the angry redhead kicks up her bare feet and swears off bad boys for good!

Brooke Morgan made the mistake of trusting Shyla Jennings; that's why she's sitting tied up in a chair with a cloth between her lips! But Shyla only has a few moments to taunt her pawn until the sneaky little trickster gets her own taste of treachery; trussed, tape-gagged and indignant, she soon sits next to Brooke, who eyes her with contempt! The double double-cross concludes with two unfriendly young ladies wriggling in unwanted proximity as their long hair flows down over their naked breasts! 

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