Girls Tie Girls!

Release Date: Jul.06.2012
Running Time: 0:43:37
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sophia Samuels, Rachel Santini, Spring Meadows, Kira Crane, Ginger Williams, Samantha Hollister, Crissy Moran, Shay Ruskin, Candace McLain, Tarrah Lavelli, Tarrah Lavelli, Candace McLain

Pretty girls are amazingly mean when they bind and gag other females! Like con-woman Kira Crane, who trusses up and silences poor little Spring Meadows for trying to call the cops! And devious Shay Ruskin, whose nasty scheme snares naive Crissy Moran in a tight hogtie!

But bad behavior sometimes backfires: tough chick Samantha Hollister overpowers and ropes up feisty salesgirl Ginger Williams, but later becomes Ginger's captive! Retribution also awaits sexy Rachel Santini, who sneers at bound and gagged Sofia Samuels, oblivious to the twist of fate that will leave her struggling and helpless at Sofia's mercy! Tarrah Lavelli likewise savors her bondage of gorgeous Candace McLain, but squirms indignantly when Candace pays her back with ropes and gag!

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