Temptresses Tied Topless

Release Date: Nov.11.2011
Running Time: 0:46:21
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Teresa Tabor, Alexis Taylor, Erika Jordan, Gia Mancini, Celeste Star, Samantha Ryan, Mikayla Montez, Frankie Dee


Tossing her cascade of dark hair, challenging with her flashing eyes and arching her curvaceous body, Mikayla Montez boldly expressed her desire even before her silken voice uttered a request to be tied and gagged! Once Mikayla was restrained and struggling playfully, it would have been sinful to permit her spectacular breasts to remain undercover; topless and dazzling, Mikayla made her first bondage memorable for all!


Only Mikayla experienced her first encounter with ropes and gag, but Teresa Tabor, Frankie Dee, Celeste Star, Samantha Ryan, Erika Jordan, Gia Mancini and Alexis Taylor all projected the sensual excitement and anxious indignation that make a topless captive irresistible! 


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