Costumed Damsels In Bondage Trouble

Release Date: Sep.06.2013
Running Time: 0:52:9
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Erika Jordan, Jana Jordan, Charlotte Stokely, Tiffany Marshall, Presley Hart, Lexi Bloom, Keira Kelly

When those alluring but annoying Jordan girls, Erika Jordan and Jana Jordan, keep wrangling with each other because they're both costumed as sorceresses, long-suffering partygoers end the bickering with ropework and rubber balls! Indignant at being bound and silenced, Erika and Jana dart angry glances around the room while standing side-by-side, but fail to win sympathy with their antics. Later tethered waist-to- ankle on the floor, the Jordans undulate their black-clad bodies from their bright blue toe-nails to their red ball-gags with impressive but futile energy!

Adorable cheerleader Charlotte Stokely simply wants to bring some spirited fun to her surroundings, but her cranky partner prefers peace and quiet. So poor Charlotte's purple costume is soon laced with brown ropes and her red lips cradle mouth packing sealed with semi-transparent tape! When the spunky girl defies her grouchy guy by thumping the wood floor with her sneakered feet, she winds up in socks; duct tape later bolsters Charlotte's gag while a chest-knee tether limits her mobility!

Coerced into caring for a wounded mobster, nurse Tiffany Marshall demands her freedom, but the bad guys aren't taking any chances! Gagged with black tape and bound with black rope, courageous Tiffany writhes in frustration on a lounge. When she's ignored by the thugs, the frustrated captive slips off her white pumps and slithers onto the floor but despite desperate struggling, Tiffany's escape effort stalls!

Who would possibly want to intimidate vivacious candy-girl Presley Hart by roping her down on the tongue chair and sealing her lips with pink tape that matches the dominant color of her frilly costume? How about that hooded creep in black who can't resist the temptation of watching Presley wriggle in bondage -- and who then stimulates her to more dynamic contortions by removing her technicolor plastic pumps and tickling her vulnerable bare soles!

It's all fun and games for enticing chambermaid Lexi Bloom, who invites her kinky boss to tie her up! Lexi squirms seductively and doesn't seem troubled by the black cleave that's soon thrust between her lips, but when her bare breasts are freed from her costume, the petite brunette's attitude changes! Now Lexi twists apprehensively in her bonds and whimpers, but her employer's much too thrilled by the sight of naked breasts, exposed pussy and stockinged feet to assent to his maid's murmured pleas!

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit for ambitious young cat burglar Keira Kelly when she castigates her bungling partner for a theft gone wrong! An unwilling scapegoat, the desperate thug assures that Keira won't be returning to HQ by overpowering the astonished girl and leaving her trussed up and tape-gagged on the floor! To complete Keira's humiliation, her former friend tugs down the top of her catsuit and removes her pumps so that law enforcement will encounter a bare-breasted and barefoot bad girl wriggling in bondage!

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