Grab And Bind Of Stella Cox

Release Date: Jul.25.2016
Running Time: 0:43:40
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Stella Cox

Stella Cox didn't enjoy her vacation nearly as much as the man who bound and gagged her again and again!

British beauty Stella was just getting comfortable at her vacation hotel as she chatted enthusiastically on the phone with a friend. Looking forward to some time in the sunshine, Stella wore a tight purple top, pink short-shorts and flip-flops that enticingly framed her slender bare feet. But the pretty vacationer wouldn't be going outside for several hours because a silent intruder waited until the call was over, then seized and overpowered his petite prey! Gagged with duct tape and tightly bound, the stunned girl strained anxiously against unyielding ropework as she lay on a couch and wondered what this disturbing stranger's intentions were! 

To her dismay, Stella was deprived of her clothes, then secured once more in bondage. Her nervous questions were silenced by white cloth stuffed in her mouth and held in place by a black cleave, then she was left to struggle in naked restraint on her bed! Seated at first, Stella rolled onto her side, then on her stomach where she kicked up her feet and tugged with pathetic futility at the knotted ropes pinning her hands behind her back! 

Still nude, Stella was transferred by her ominous visitor from the bedroom to an office-chair where she sat with her hands tied before her and linked to ropes around her knees. Two more ropes coiled around Stella's ankles and the arches of her white-nailed bare feet discouraged any thought of escape by immobilizing her legs. To emphasize his domination, the towering figure applied a multi-level gag consisting of a ball tightened between Stella's lips, safety tape wrapped over her mouth and around her head, and several strips of duct tape! Then he played a nasty game with Stella by allowing her to roll the chair several feet closer to the door before herding her back in place! 

Stella was dressed again, but not in casual vacation-wear; instead she was clad in an eye-catching fishnet dress that highlighted her marvelous rope-framed breasts while spike- heeled sandals complemented her bare feet! But the taut ropework that oppressed her body and the white tape that sealed her lips emphatically indicated that this was no fashion show, so Stella was compelled to writhe desperately on a green carpet, hoping that somehow she could free herself from the situation in which she'd been trapped! 

A touch of deja-vu ensued for Stella because she was seated in bondage once more on the green carpet -- with the slight difference that she was naked again! Gagged with duct tape, the spirited little Brit refused to submit meekly but her contortions as she rolled onto her hip, then kicked up her feet were no more successful than before. And as a last merciless memento of his visit, the man who'd ruined her vacation left Stella hogtied before walking casually out of her life! In his last glimpse of the luscious bound and gagged nude, Stella was bowing her body against the length of rope tethering her wrists and ankles while her eyes voiced the anger that her lips were unable to speak! 

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