Dangerous Diva's Adorable Damsels

Release Date: Feb.22.2016
Running Time: 1:01:51
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Amarna Miller, Phoebe Queen, Dangerous Diva

The Diva practices her wicked ropecraft on two of her sweetest subjects! 

Sharp-eyed collector Amarna Miller enthused on the phone about her latest and greatest coup -- acquiring for small change a leather jacket once worn by the King, Elvis himself! But Amarna wouldn't enjoy her treasure for long because out of the shadows stepped Dangerous Diva, rope in hand! Off came the jacket, quickly replaced by ropes that the Diva wound around her wrists and arms as the little redhead stood barefoot and intimidated in her clutches! After gagging Amarna with duct tape, the Masked Mistress of Creative Crime escorted her to the next room, seated her on the floor and bound her ankles; delighted by her new plaything, the Diva caressed the struggling girl's body as she envisioned Amarna deprived of her clothing!

The Diva wasted no time in realizing her fantasy; pink flesh bared, Amarna stood trembling before the dominant woman in black, who trussed her with zealous expertise! With Amarna trapped in rope and supported by a tether above her head, the Diva donned her priceless jacket and taunted the bound nude, then swiftly strapped a shiny red ball-gag between her lips! After caressing Amarna's rope-framed breasts and testing the impact of the crotch-rope she'd so thoughtfully installed, the wicked lady happily watched the subject of her naughty scheme writhe, rotate and drool in her bondage!

At last it was time for the Diva to move on to other conquests, but she made sure that Amarna wouldn't be contacting the authorities anytime soon. Tied naked and tape- gagged, Amarna sat on top of a kitchen island and received a farewell fondling from the woman she'd never forget! The Diva's final ropework initiative folded Amarna's legs close to her chest, an alteration that allowed the malicious burglar to tilt her toy back for an interlude of leering pussy exposure! Then she was gone, leaving Amarna to strain unsuccessfully against Dangerous Diva's legacy of humiliating restraint! 

Ah, Phoebe Queen, you should have known that probing into such a sensitive area as Dangerous Diva's secret identity would end badly! One moment the intrepid little journalist was excitedly examining a DVD that supposedly contained vital clues relating to that subject; the next she was biting a knotted black cleave-gag courtesy of the indignant Crime Queen herself! Once she had the bespectacled brunette's torso thoroughly subdued with rope, the Diva stripped Phoebe of her high heels, then leaned her against the wall and tied her ankles! As Phoebe wriggled on tiptoe, the object of her curiosity towered over her and assertively handled her accessible chest! Curled up on the floor, Phoebe could only watch as the Diva examined her laptop to make sure that there'd been no breakthrough on the identity front! 

Her mission to maintain secrecy a success, the Diva rewarded herself with playtime at Phoebe's expense. Once the luscious little lady was deprived of everything she was wearing except her glasses, her very unwelcome visitor roped up Phoebe on top of her desk! After she exchanged the glasses for a ball-gag, the Diva's gloved fingers wandered freely back and forth across a pair of perky breasts while Phoebe murmured her objections! The mischievous cat-suited malefactor satisfied herself that Phoebe's bare feet were both soft and ticklish before concluding her seminar on Mind Your Own Business by placing the sadder but wiser snooper on her stomach and hogtying her! DVD in hand, the Diva soon departed, her last and memorable glance at Phoebe showing a vigorously- arching little nude undoubtedly wishing that she'd never heard of a certain notorious Woman In Black! 

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