Barefoot Girls Bound And Helpless

Release Date: Sep.21.2015
Running Time: 0:45:37
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Tomi Taylor, Chloe Amour, Holly Manning, Karter Foxx, Blake Eden, Cadey Mercury

Oh, oh, Tomi Taylor's tied up again and this time the long-legged athlete's joined in chair-bound peril by sweet and slender Chloe Amour! Both naked, securely restrained from chest to ankle and cleave-gagged, Tomi and Chloe do their best to disrupt their restrictive knotted networks but all their sweating and straining leaves them just where they started! If they weren't already discouraged by their failure, Chloe and Tomi receive an extra dose of domination when their chairs are placed back-to-back, another thick rope coil fixed around their waists, while a long tether joins their ankles; gag-stifled whimpers fill the room while the frustrated pair can do little more than arch their bare feet under the chairs!

What a shocking turn of events for bright-eyed and barefoot Holly Manning, who sprawls happily on her bed in a bright red dress after returning home from a party, then writhes much less happily after being subdued with rope and silenced with tape! Held on her knees at first by a tether to the headboard, Holly struggles in more formidable restraint after she's placed back on her stomach and hogtied; as a final restrictive touch, her twisted admirer pins Holly's shapely naked feet together with a toe-tie!

Things are looking gloomy for Karter Foxx, who's dressed in nothing but a short black robe as she stands bound to a wooden frame in a crowded store-room! Tape-gagged Karter murmurs expressively and tugs against her ropework, but ankle and chest tethers prevent her from moving more than a few inches; during her struggles, Karter's robe opens to display a pair of perky breasts embraced by rope and a very naked pussy! When the rope links are disconnected from the post, Karter briefly expects to be freed but instead she's tethered waist-to-ankle on the floor, where she twists noisily on her hip!

Lithe and lovely blonde newcomer Blake Eden would like to say hello to her new friends, but the duct tape covering her mouth prevents a polite response. Blake's also naked and trussed to a chair, so she's actually in no position to receive guests, although her lively squirming will undoubtedly please some visitors! They'll most likely be even more appreciative of Blake's embarrassed gyrations after her legs are tied wide apart for maximum pussy exposure!

Cadey Mercury discovers the two faces of bondage, experiencing both the smiles and the frowns in quick succession. At first, the dark-haired nude sprite twists exuberantly as she kneels on a platform with her hands cuffed separately above her head to a chain-supported bar! Crotch-roped Cadey's thrilled by playing at kinky submission, but the eyes that sparkled above her tape-gag turn apprehensive when her mistress refuses to release the novice! Not only won't Cadey be freed, but she's disciplined for her defiance with a hogtie; hands bound behind her and tied to her ankles, the disillusioned little beauty wriggles indignantly on her stomach! 

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