Grab and Bind: Aimee Addison

Release Date: May.20.2011
Running Time: 0:45:9
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Aimee Addison, Ashley Jane, Claire Adams

Aimee Addison is blonde, beautiful and rich! She's also not very vigilant about her surroundings and hangs out with shady friends, so it's simple as 1-2-3 for a pair of predatory men to make Aimee their ticket to big bucks!


Aimee's hands are already tied behind her back and her lips are cleaved by a cloth stuffed stocking when the men hustle her into their lair! Egged on by her partner in crime, wicked Nikki ropes the fearful Aimee to a chair, where she struggles pathetically while her captors celebrate the initial success of their scheme! But while the grizzled half of the villainous team is occupied in contacting Aimee's family to arrange the ransom, Nikki puts her own plan into action! Why divide all the money that Aimee will bring, Nikki reasons, when she can have it all with a little extra effort and a lot of treachery? So she hustles the helpless girl off to a secret location of her own, leaving her enraged partner nothing to find on his return but an empty chair surrounded by ropes!


Nikky assures Aimee that's she's much safer now that she's been snatched away from her ruthless male partner, but it's difficult for the defenseless captive to appreciate Nikki's gentler approach since she's been stripped to bra and panties, balltied and tape gagged! To prove to Aimee's family that she's truly in her clutches, Nikki snaps photos of her as her hostage squirms on the floor! Gloating that her stupid former partner will never find their new hideout, Nikki begins to mentally count the ransom money and all it can buy! But her partner's not as dim as she believes; after finding Nikki's new hiding place, he pumps in a handy chemical! Once both women are out, he enjoys a laugh at Nikki's prostrate form, then takes back the wealthy pawn!


Angered by his partner's betrayal and frustrated by the skeptical reactions of Aimee's family, the man snares the barebreasted girl in a taut lotus tie after returning to their original safe house! Roped into immobility and cleave gagged, the desperate Aimee writhes awkwardly while the increasingly disturbed captor once more tries to arrange for the ransom! As harrowing as her captivity has been so far, Aimee fears that the worst may be yet to come!


Aimee's fears are realized when the disgruntled thug returns to untie her but then strips her naked, hogties and tape gags her! Restrained by unforgivng ropes and shivering with fear, the dazed hostage nearly faints while the unhinged man rants! His anger's so consuming, in fact, that he fails to hear one time friend Nikki sneaking up behind him and knocking him out with a pistol butt!


Nikki's in charge once again, assuring the naked and exhausted Aimee, who's lying trussed and cleave gagged on a table, that she tied up her ex partner a lot tighter after KOing him! When he wakes up, chuckles Nikki, it'll take him hours to get loose! Aimee will soon be going home, however, because Nikki's finally convinced her family to pay the ransom! But before money can change hands, Aimee's ordeal comes to a shocking conclusion that indeed allows the innocent hostage to escape from her tormentors! Once she wriggles out of her bonds, Aimee races from the site without looking back! 


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