Sealed Up And Steamy

Release Date: Nov.23.2012
Running Time: 0:47:9
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Stacie Jaxxx, Niki Lee Young, Layla Rose, Carissa Montgomery, Melody Jordan, Elaina Raye, Charlee Monroe

Her wide eyes proclaim the surprise that Stacie Jaxxx feels after she's clothed in plastic contoured to her nude body and secured with broad strips of white tape! Her lips also sealed by the white tape, innocent Stacie receives another shock after she's stretched on a couch and her alluring breasts exposed!

You can't blame Niki Lee Young for getting all steamed up after the alluring girl's naked body undergoes rigorous wrapping with clear plastic and duct tape! The tape's not so clear once Niki starts sweating, but despite the heat this energetic performer flops about on the couch like a fish with feet!

Swaths of white tape and plastic wrap cling to Layla Rose's luscious bronze body while she squirms standing up and lying down! Crossed strips of white tape over red provide Layla with an unusual gag, while final folds of tape seal her big toes together!

It's a black day for Carissa Montgomery, whose buxom body's swathed in transparent plastic and tape as dark as the lingerie worn by dominatrix Melody Jordan! First controlled by her captor while she stands unsteadily on bare feet, Carissa's then stretched out on a desk where mischievous Melody torments her vulnerable soles before penetrating the plastic and fondling her breasts!

Bitsy blonde Elaina Raye gets the ball-wrap treatment, first with plastic, then with anarchic strips of pink tape packaging Elaina with decisive firmness! The scene ends sooner than we'd hoped, but while it lasts Elaina rolls around like the proverbial turtle trapped on its back!

Charlee Monroe's perky naked breasts peek out between the duct tape and plastic covering the rest of her curvaceous body, but it's her ticklish bare feet that attract unwanted attention causing Charlee to squeal through the tape covering her mouth!

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