Tape Bound, Volume Twenty

Release Date: Mar.16.2015
Running Time: 0:45:20
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Carter Cruise, Mia Malkova, Kenna James, Jasmine Caro, Alexa Johnson, Andrea Rosu

 Kenna James and Carter Cruise are spending an evening at home in their sweats when an unwelcome visitor with a large roll of duct tape makes sure they won't be moving far from the couch! Tape-gagged and writhing, Carter and Kenna receive another unpleasant surprise when their breasts are exposed.

Dark-haired nude beauty Jasmine Caro's duct-taped into submission and seated on the edge of a wooden chest. But Jasmine's not about to take her bondage sitting down; her arms taped in front, she stands and attempts to shuffle away despite hobbled ankles and knees. The gutsy effort ends, however, with Jasmine back seated on top of the chest!

It looks like someone's preparing for a move and there amidst miscellaneous furniture scattered on the patio is Alexa Johnson! The mover apparently has plans for Alexa and has used left-over duct tape to secure and silence the alluring office worker, whose long legs dangle over the edge of the wicker chair where she's been temporarily seated. Alexa's long blonde hair frames a tape-gagged face that expresses indignation after her blouse is peeled back to display her breasts!

After buxom Andrea Rosu gets the duct-tape treatment, she strains furiously against her frustrating predicament and murmurs angrily behind her gag! When her sweatshirt's strategically ripped, Andrea's impressive breasts emerge between the swaths of tape wrapped around her chest!

Taped up and gagged at the office in her business suit and heels, Mia Malkova struggles in her chair, then squirms on the floor after her breasts are bared and her skirt ripped apart to expose her pantyhosed thighs! 

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