Halloween Bondage Treats

Release Date: Dec.28.2012
Running Time: 0:48:6
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Kiera Winters, Lyla Storm, Melody Jordan, Natalia Starr, Natasha Starr, Mia Makova

Kiera Winters is gifted with a kinky imagination: As the petite playgirl auditions potential Halloween costumes she fantasizes about three separate predicaments! First she's a cute cop whose wrists and ankles are restrained with metal cuffs; cleave-gagged and barefoot, Officer Kiera winds up struggling on her tummy! Next, she wears an unusual military nurse costume and white pantyhose; colorfully secured and gagged with sticky red tape, Kiera rolls around on the floor! Finally, Kiera's absolutely adorable as Red Riding Hood confronted by the Big Bad Wolf; this time the villain prevails by gagging the fairy-tale beauty with a thick white cleave, binding her efficiently and absconding with her bucket of Halloween treats!

Nobody ever got rich on a flight attendant's salary, but Lyla Storm augments her modest wages by smuggling jewelry into the country. When a savvy thief catches on to Lyla's scheme, however, he pays her a visit and grabs her latest haul! Deprived of her ill- gotten gain, tape-gagged Lyla exerts tremendous energy wriggling along the floor, her black and gold uniform and black pantyhose webbed with white rope!

Barmaids just don't get more alluring than red-haired Melody Jordan, who sits in captivity on a black leather bench, her hands tied behind her and linked to her ankles by a rope passing under the bench! Melody's rope-framed chest heaves with emotion as she writhes in bondage and drools around a shiny blue ball-gag -- perhaps Melody foresees the hogtie that will escalate her plight by forcing her to squirm on her stomach with her stockinged feet kicking in the air!

As they prepare for Halloween, Natalia and Natasha Starr are excited when they obtain a bargain-price box of vintage costumes. Their excitement grows after the Starr sisters discover an envelope full of cash in the box -- then the thrill turns to terror when a dangerous man arrives in search of his money! French Maid Natasha and Schoolgirl Natalia get to keep their costumes but not the cash, which departs with the criminal after he trusses and tape-gags the unhappy sisters! Bare-breasted and stocking-footed, Natalia and Natasha wriggle noisily on their hips in wrist-ankle tethers!

With the bills piling up, country girl Mia Makova reluctantly offers a family heirloom guitar on the market! Mia puts a price- tag of $5000 on the guitar, which a purchaser accept but when he arrives to pick up the instrument, he makes Mia a counter-offer she can't refuse! Casually clad in a red-checked shirt, denim skirt and sandals, wide-eyed Mia's gagged with white tape and neatly restrained with white rope! Her shameless captor can't resist entangling the indignant girl by linking her knee and chest ropes, then exposing Mia's breasts before slinking away with the guitar!

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