Nine Beauties Bound And Naked

Release Date: May.25.2013
Running Time: 0:55:41
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Bree Daniels, Elle Alexandra, Veronica Radke, Chloe Amour, Ashley Rose, Charlotte Stokely, Rikki Six, Aria Arial, Cassie Laine. Niki Lee Young

Bree Daniels and Elle Alexandra welcome Veronica Radke as their new housemate, but warn her about the woman she's replacing, a terror who made their lives miserable with her psychopathic behavior! Bree and Elle are not as vigilant as they should be, however, and are surprised by the vengeful woman; when she's done with them, the girls lie naked on the floor, bound hand and foot and gagged with duct tape! When innocent little Veronica walks through the door, she's ordered to strip off her clothes and join the party! Their breasts now rope-framed, Bree and Elle sit next to Veronica, who's also neatly trussed-up and tape-gagged; before leaving, the malicious visitor tethers all three girls hand and foot, then watches happily while they roll about on the floor!

Naive Chloe Amour decided to leave the party because Ashley Rose was becoming much too friendly but Ashley had no intention of allowing Chloe to split! Once the lithe brunette stood naked, tied and tape- gagged, Amazonian Ashley demonstrated her dominance by toying with Chloe's breasts and spanking her bottom! Later, when Chloe sat submissively on the floor, Ashley pressed her bare feet onto the captive's breasts and face; rolled onto her side, Chloe continued to squirm under the tall blonde's feet!

All good things must come to an end, but for Ashley Rose playtime with Chloe came to an especially jarring conclusion when their roles were reversed! Released from Ashley's bondage and back in her dress and heels, Chloe relished revenge that began by bullying her one-time tormentor as the bound and nude Ashley knelt and whimpered behind strips of duct tape! Then, as Ashley stretched supine on the carpet, Chloe straddled her and joyously tweaked the struggling prisoner's nipples, before rope-linking her wrists and ankles and sitting back to use the immobilized Ashley as a footstool!

Charlotte Stokely and Rikki Six would deny the charge vehemently if they could (of course they can't because they're tape-gagged!), but they've been bad girls! Appropriate punishment for their misdeeds is to exile the two wide-eyed blonde nudes to the garage, where they perch on stools in ropework calculated to stifle their tendencies to naughty behavior! Whether they're arranged side-by-side, face-to-face, or back-to-back, Charlotte and Rikki remain noisily indignant at their humiliating discipline!

We're not quite sure who Aria Arial pissed off, but they struck back at the exotic beauty in drastic fashion by spreadeagling her on a metal-frame bed! Her hands and feet tied to the bed's four corners, her mouth stuffed with a red ball-gag and her pussy exposed for all to see, Aria's in for a long afternoon of squirming and drooling!

Niki Lee Young wanted to get her hands on Cassie Laine in the worst possible way, so that's exactly what she did by cornering the adorable Miss Laine against a china cabinet, her sweet little body nude except for the array of ropes holding her at Niki's mercy! While cleave-gagged Cassie murmurs unhappily, Niki caresses her breasts and feet and inflicts a playful spanking that emphasizes who's in charge!

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