Stripped For Bondage

Release Date: Jun.24.2011
Running Time: 0:52:30
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Dani Daniels, Melissa Jacobs, Samantha Ryan, Cassandra Nix, Randy Moore, Scarlett Fey, Kendra James

It's a bewildering bondage ordeal for sexy hostage Dani Daniels who's grabbed, then bound to a chair in her bra and panties, her mouth cleaved by cloth! Apparently rescued by a sympathetic woman, poor Dani's actually taken to another location where she's trussed up naked, ball-gagged and fondled by her "rescuer"; when Dani continues to resist, she's restrained horizontally, wrists tethered to ankles!


What are those strange muffled squeals that seem to be coming from the garage? When Melissa Jacobs investigates, she's horrified to find housemate Samantha Ryan tied naked to a post, a ball-gag in her mouth! Made to strip by lecherous fugitives, Melissa's soon struggling next to her friend in identical bondage!


Clad in a little black dress and heels, party-girl Cassandra Nix lies tape- gagged and bound on her bed! When her captor decides that a clothes exchange is in order, hapless Cassandra spends the rest of the evening barefoot and hogtied in her bra and panties!


After Randy Moore invites some shady acquaintances into the house while she's alone, the naive girl's cleave-gagged and bound by her phony friends, who complete the job by stripping Randy naked and ball-tying her!


Scarlett Fay's naked and so's Kendra James except for her garter stockings; the helpless girls writhe in mirror-image restraint, roped breast-to- breast as they kneel on chairs! Black over-mouth gags accentuate eyes that widen as their bondage grows more arduous with taut ropes pulling their bound feet closer to their wrists! 


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