Bound and Gagged At Home and Office

Release Date: Jun.24.2011
Running Time: 0:48:43
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Lexi Bloom, Pepper Martin, Candle Boxxx, Nina James, Shazia Sahari, Carissa Montgomery, Kerry Collins


Pepper Kester is horrified when she returns to the office she shares with Lexi Bloom and finds her friend trussed to her desk and gagged! Before she can escape, Pepper's bound on the desk and a knotted cloth tied in her mouth! After the intruders depart, the bare-breasted girls writhe for hours in the ransacked office!


Before Candle Boxxx can leave for work, the gorgeous executive's overpowered and made captive! Tightly bound, her mouth stuffed with panties and sealed with duct tape, Candle's dumped into her bathtub, where she struggles with spectacular energy after her breasts are exposed!


A nasty computer criminal rewards Nina James for her help by tying up the alluring office worker, taping her mouth, then humiliating her by baring Nina's breasts and pulling down her skirt!


A pair of home invaders methodically make prisoners of beautiful business partners Shazia Sahari and Carissa Montgomery! Surprised while alone, Shazia's tied and cleave-gagged first, but Carissa's soon seated beside her in identical bondage! Before they leave, the thieves make things rougher for the helpless women by tape-gagging and hogtying them face-to-face on their couch!


Perky and pretty in her crisp blouse, tight skirt and high heels, Kelly Collins is having a great day -- until she interrupts a robbery in progress and is soon struggling bound, gagged and bare-breasted on the floor! 


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