Warning: Costumes May Attract Ropes And Gags

Release Date: Mar.28.2016
Running Time: 0:47:6
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Nina North, Blair Williams, Amarna Miller, Katy Kiss, Charlotte Stokely

Attired in purple, Nina North's a luscious Harem Girl with a different kind of agenda -- she wants to be tied up! As Nina kneels on the bed, she sways seductively and begs for bondage that soon appears; her wrists, arms and ankles secured in rope, Nina continues to balance on her knees and arch her soft little bare feet as she requests a gag! Nina's even more aroused after a white cleave appears between her lips and her breasts are bared; when she finally sinks onto the bed, the petite brunette struggles playfully on her side and stomach, always aware of the effect she's having on her admirers!

Busty Blair Williams has always lusted for leather and she looks amazing as she almost bursts out of a jacket and skirt crafted from her favorite fabric. Unfortunately for Blair, she's unable to burst free of the ropes binding her voluptuous body and pinning her to a chair! Tape-gagged by an efficient villain, Blair writhes with an intensity that increases after the jacket's opened to expose amazing breasts that are bared to match her feet wriggling in strappy sandals!

Amarna Miller's literally a lady in red as she sits bound and barefoot in a large armchair! Clad in a cape, short skirt and bra that are all eye- poppingly crimson, the spirited Spanish sprite twists vigorously in ropes while squealing through the mouth-packing and black cleave-gag separating her scarlet lips! One item of clothing that's absent is a pair of panties, which becomes apparent when Amarna sits back in the chair and kicks up her feet. A waist-ankle tether prevents any further gymnastics on Amarna's part by folding the exuberant little beauty on her hip and she's left to squirm bare-breasted and enticing! 

Another colorful heroine in ropes, Katy Kiss sits restrained on a yellow lounge, her tight green exercise top and knee-length red leggings secured to her body by knotted coils! Katy's workout routine has been interrupted by intruders who've minimized her noise-making abilities with a blue ball-gag and tied her big toes together simply because she has cute red-nailed bare feet! Katy's not quite strong enough to free herself but she does burn off plenty of calories through unconventional exercise movements that leave the intense young lady arching on her stomach with her bare soles on display!

Charlotte Stokely's blonde beauty is complemented in dazzling fashion by a dress covered by a riot of multi-colored wild flowers. But Charlotte and her dress are also webbed by ingeniously-knotted white rope that pins her to a chair and her indignant objections are countered by a pair of her pink panties stuffed between her lips and held in place by windings of thin white cloth! Stunned by her plight, Charlotte struggles in futility and kicks up her bare feet after her blue pumps disappear; before long, the dress is disheveled to reveal Charlotte's perky rope-framed breasts! 

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