Costume Bondage Masquerade

Release Date: Sep.21.2012
Running Time: 0:45:11
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Charlie Royce, Sadie Moreau, Star Marlowe, Sophia Sutra, Layden Sin, Rosemary Radeva, Cali Logan

Charlie Royce and Sadie Moreau become barmaids in bondage when thieves with their eyes on the prize next door invade the girls' apartment! As Charlie, then Sadie return home in their colorful costumes, the villains bind them to stair-railings and stifle calls for help with thick black cloths over their mouths!

Star Marlowe's all dolled up in a shiny sailor suit and ready for the party when she's victimized by a psycho girl who ropes her into a diabolical strappado, ball-gags her and laughs as Star writhes and drools!

Like Star, cute kitten Sophia Sutra's headed for the costume party when she's grabbed by bondage-crazed Nikki, who ropes her wrists overhead to metal rings! Deprived of her freedom, Sophia twists in her rope web and whimpers as she mouths her ball-gag!

A hot blonde cheerleader with enough attitude for the entire squad, Layden Sin messes with the wrong girl, then squeals in disbelief after her rival dumps her hogtied and tape-gagged on the bed!

Rich and bitchy sorority girl Rosemary Radeva terrorizes employees at Daddy's office until gutsy Cali Logan (aka Johanna Dillon) strikes back by taping the little slut's mouth, baring her boobs and hogtying her on the desk!

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