Pretty Little Packages

Release Date: Jun.24.2011
Running Time: 0:46:2
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Layla Rose, Sienna Milano, Ashley Jane, Ashley Abbott, Judith Eurfrat, Kara Dax, Nina James


Troublesome employee Sienna Milano refuses to go quietly when she's fired by Layla Rose! Instead, she wraps her buxom little boss in plastic and bright blue tape, then leaves her lying on top of her desk after taking liberties with Layla's vulnerable breasts and feet!


Ashley Jane appears to be ready for shipment after the tiny blonde's wrapped from head to toe into a clear plastic and duct tape ball! Unwilling to accept her plight, Ashley rolls around on her bed, but fails to burst her bonds!


Bubbly blonde Ashley Abbott gets more than she'd bargained for when she permits Nikki to do a "brief" body-wrap! As the minutes turn into hours, white tape covers Ashley's mouth and implacably secures her to a wooden bench, where she squirms and squeals!


After she wraps and gags rival model Judith Eufrat with duct tape, 6-footer Kara Dax aggressively exploits Judith's defenselessness by throwing her onto a couch, licking and fondling her bare breasts, then tickling her sensitive naked soles!


Leggy and luscious brunette Nina James unhappily submits to a double-team by Loren and Nikki, who wrap their wriggling captive in plastic, then seal the deal with spirals of blue tape! Once she's helpless, Nina's captors lustfully caress their gorgeous package! 


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