Shazia, Candle, Carissa: A Bondage Thriller!

Release Date: Jun.24.2011
Running Time: 0:39:31
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Shazia Sahari, Candle Boxxx, Carissa Montgomery


What's going on here? Why do three beautiful women find themselves stripped and struggling? Who's good and who's evil? We're going to let you find out the answers for yourself, but we're happy to describe what you'll be seeing along the way!


Shazia Sahari receives a stunning surprise and within minutes, the sultry businesswoman has been ball-tied in her skin-tight blouse and skirt! Tape- gagged, topless and barefoot, Shazia writhes indignantly as she sits on her desk!


An aggressor now, Shazia holds Candle Boxxx captive! Shocked by her friend's treachery, Candle squirms in bondage on the floor, her wrists tethered to her ankles, and whimpers behind a cleave-gag when Shazia threatens her with a spiked heel!


In a mysterious twist, Shazia and Candle share captivity when they're trussed up naked, their mouths stuffed and tape-gagged! After squirming back- to-back for several minutes, the hapless girls are strictly hogtied and left to struggle on the bed!


But Shazia's back to being a bad girl when she seizes Carissa Montgomery and ropes the petite blonde to a high stool! There's nothing petite about Carissa's breasts, however, which Shazia brazenly fondles while ignoring her cleave-gagged captive's muffled protests!


Shazia's bewildering journey ends with the sizzling brunette naked and bound once more! No longer her victim, Carissa becomes Shazia's fellow prisoner; roped to a pillar, their lips sealed with multiple strips of sticky black tape, the curvaceous nudes strain energetically against their bonds! 


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