Innocent Girls Wrapped Up Tight!

Release Date: Nov.17.2014
Running Time: 0:43:16
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Anastasia Black, Chloe Amour, Addison Ryder, Fiona Sage, Phoebe Queen

Leggy Anastasia Black stands barefoot in the corner after she receives a colorful wrapping of light blue tape over plastic plus a red tape gag!  Anastasia's briefly more comfortable after she's laid on a table -- until her ultra-ticklish soles are threatened by roving fingers!

Chloe Amour's got a major problem -- it's the weird guy in black who's wrapped her in plastic and duct-tape, gagged her and is exhibiting her like a sexy puppet! Stretched out on a dining table, Chloe remains powerless but appreciates that the freak's disappeared until his fingers reach out to tantalize her foot-bottoms! 
Sealed in plastic wrap and purple tape, roguish Addison Ryder leans against the
dark wooden wall of a hidden room.  Addison's finally tamed when she lies wriggling on the floor in futile resistance against her wrapping!   
A black ski-mask and black tape are ominous signs that Fiona Sage's freedom is a thing of the past!  The mask belongs to the thug who's taken control of her body, which is wrapped in plastic sealed by coils of black tape.  The tape also covers Fiona's mouth and muffles the squeals she emits when her soft little soles are tickled!
Always an adorable damsel in distress, Phoebe Queen stands near her work-table cocooned in plastic wrap pressed against her body by swathes of blue tape.
Hard-working Phoebe's still wearing her glasses, but she loses them after she's pinned down to her chair with more tape; despite plenty of struggling, Phoebe's staying late at work! 

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