Stockings, Costumes And Ropes - Oh My!

Release Date: Sep.07.2012
Running Time: 0:48:6
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Dani Daniels, Nikki Nefarious, Loren Chance, Meegan Hook, Ashley Abbott, Aiden Ashley, Natasha Warner, Hana Black

Policewoman Dani Daniels thinks she's making a good collar when she arrests Nikki Nefarious, but when Loren Chance arrives, Dani becomes the prisoner! The gang girls expertly rope and cleave-gag Dani, then humiliate her by baring her breasts and fondling the sexy, squirming cop!

Sound the alarm! Smoking-hot firefighter Meegan Hook's been grabbed and roped to a stair-railing! Hands tied separately above her head, cleave- gagged Meegan struggles courageously even after the humiliation of seeing her breasts and pussy exposed!

An ingeniously-executed rope web forces frightened pirate wench Ashley Abbott to straddle a wooden bench! Ashley pleads for help through a black cleave gag, but a partial release from her restraint occurs only so she can be forced to walk the plank in her stockinged feet!

Held captive after she stumbles onto criminal activity, equestrienne Aiden Ashley attempts escape despite her bondage, but her effort merely earns her an uncomfortable hogtie on a stone bench!

There are few images more heart-rending than a bride bound and gagged on her wedding day, especially when the captive bride is Natasha Warner! Trussed with black rope to a red lounge chair, the lovely woman in white writhes futilely as her expressive eyes widen pathetically above pink lips cleaved by cloth!

Leather-jacketed delinquent Hana Black learns a hard lesson after she's caught in a burglary attempt! Bound to a chair and tape-gagged, Hana resists her bondage loudly and energetically, but is defenseless against punishment that bares her breasts!

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