Double Trouble For Bound Couples

Release Date: Jun.06.2014
Running Time: 0:42:30
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Karla Kush, Samantha Rone, Charlotte Stokely, Ellena Woods, Kimberly Gates, Emma Storm, Zayda J, Chanel Rae, Delilah Davis, Carol Luna

 Oh, oh -- Charlotte Stokely's in trouble again, and this time the luscious bondage magnet has involved unsuspecting newcomer Ellena Woods in her predicament! Seated close together on a couch and gagged with white tape, both delectable restrainees escape nudity by the fragile intervention of frilly panties, though Ellena also wears unusual knee- length black sheer stockings. As time passes, Charlotte and Ellena are lowered into hip- ties onto the floor, where two pairs of beautiful eyes search hopefully for a rescuer.

Blue-eyed bare-skinned blondes in a common bind, petite Karla Kush and leggy Samantha Rone stand side-by-side constricted by nearly identical webs of rope linked overhead to a built-in cabinet. They're differentiated by gags, however, as Karla's lips are spread by a red ball while Samantha's are obscured by duct tape; the panicky prisoners twist in futile exertions until they meekly obey harsh commands to press their breasts together.

Raven-haired Kimberly Gates and her blue-eyed girlfriend Emma Storm usually get a thrill from rolling around together in bed, but it's not so much fun for them when they're bound and gagged by uninvited guests! Surprised in their nightwear and panties, the toe-tied and tape-gagged pair first squirm on their stomachs, mobility impaired by tethers anchoring them to the bed's headboard. After they're raised onto their hips and hitched waist to ankle, Emma and Kimberly's bare- breasted writhing provides arousing amusement for the evil intruders.

Dark-haired tough chick Zayda J and ethereal blonde Chanel Rae don't have much in common except what matters most: they're both tied up naked on a bed with ball-gags in their mouths! Hitched to opposing bedposts, Zayda and Chanel stretch their bound legs close to each other until they're decisively separated by waist-ankle tethers that fold the whimpering nudes onto their hips.

Exquisite in her restraint, Carol Luna sits naked, bound and gagged on a wooden chest, unable to warn housemate Delilah Davis that the same plight awaits her! Once Delilah's also deprived of her clothing, secured with rope and gagged with duct tape, she shares the chest with Carol, to whom she's linked by a rope complex. As the lovely nudes struggle, their bare toes point on the floor and their dark tresses flow provocatively over tautly bound breasts.

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