Boy Toys in Bondage

Release Date: Jul.10.2014
Running Time: 0:47:2
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Alexander, Randy Moore, Harvey, Cassie Laine, Pedro, Georgia Jones, Brad, Aleigha Hotstein, Buck, Chanel Rae, Nigel, Samantha Ryan

Randy Moore knows a lot of things about teasing a man, binding him, gagging him and humiliating him! Alexander is bound to a bed in his underwear and ball gagged as Randy has her way with him.

Harvey's dating Cassie Laine but still has a weakness for the ladies, especially blondes! So when one comes knocking on his door, Harvey can't resist cheating on Cassie -- or would have if the shrewd burglaress hadn't tied hapless Harvey to a chair in his underwear and taped his mouth before helping herself to the couple's valuables!

There's a new "superhero" in town and she's nothing like the rest! Georgia Jones paroles the streets hidden behind a mask for those up to no good. When Pedro is caught breaking into a safe, she swoops in and "punishes" him with ropes, cleave gag, her body and waits for Pedro to become remorseful!

Brad is now Aleigha Hotstein's full-fledged foot-slave, kneeling before her as she reclines on the couch! Stripped to his underwear, ball-gagged, hands bound in front, Brad carefully massages and lotions his mistress's soles and toes! When she's been sufficiently pampered, Aleigha tethers Brad's wrists and ankles together and leaves him to roll around on the floor!

Nearing 30, Buck was ordered to get his shit together and take his rightful place in the family business. His sudden appearance in the company ruffled quite a few feathers including Chanel Rae who aside from receiving a Bachelors degree for that specific position, she had also started from the very bottom. She was desperate and would do anything to keep Buck away! She ties him to a chair, tape gags his mouth shut and rubs her bare feet all over his face.

Samantha Ryan is a predatory woman who fleeces men she seduces on the internet. This time, Nigel is her latest target and he gets victimized on their "date". The blonde femme fatale hog-ties him with strips of cloth, stuffs his mouth and gags the sucker before ripping off his valuables! 

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