Topless Captives Tightly Bound

Release Date: May.25.2013
Running Time: 0:51:49
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Lia Lor, Carissa Montgomery, Niki Lee Young, Cassie Laine, Alexis Adams, Chloe Lynn, Charlotte Stokely

Lia Lor is eager to work with fashion designer Carissa Montgomery -- so eager that she hesitantly strips to bra and panties when requested by her potential employer! Lia's confusion turns to alarm when Carissa whips out lengths of rope, then binds and gags her; bare-breasted and crotch-roped, she stands squirming in the predatory woman's grasp! After summoning a client, Carissa pushes Lia onto the floor and laughs as the miserable girl wriggles on her stomach!

But Lia has the last laugh because when the client arrives, Carissa's turned into a trussed up and tape-gagged plaything for her former victim! As Carissa kneels naked and vulnerable, Lia grabs handfuls of her massive breasts and spanks her beckoning bottom! Once the busty blonde's hogtied, Lia revels in the joy of tickling by tantalizing Carissa's naked soles and dominates the whining prisoner with her own bare feet!

When bad people want information you're reluctant to divulge, they're happy to make you very uncomfortable. Just ask Niki Lee Young, who stubbornly refuses to co-operate even though she's tied nude and spread- legged to a chair. Since she's not willing to spill the beans, Niki's tape- gagged, then gasps in disbelief when innocent little friend Cassie Laine's carried into the room as a wriggling naked captive! Also gagged with duct tape and securely bound, Cassie's dropped into an armchair, where she's menaced by the Hooded Creeper! Niki finally cracks and agrees to talk after watching in dismay as the Creeper makes things hot for Cassie!

Curly brown hair flowing over her shoulder, eyes wide with astonishment at her ominous situation, Alexis Adams sits on a couch, naked except for her pink panties -- and the efficiently arranged ropes and gag that mark Alexis as the captive of a dangerous intruder! After she slides onto the floor, Alexis lies on her side and struggles in vain against the bondage that controls her body!

Angelic Chloe Lynn once again finds herself in a hell of a bind when cleverly-contrived ropework holds the blonde doll prisoner as she sits on a carpeted floor! An appealing sweater and dress combination clothe modest Chloe until her breasts are bared despite her cleave-gagged protests! Writhing against her humiliating captivity, barefoot Chloe loses her balance and rolls onto her side, where she continues to call for help!

Charlotte Stokely's enjoyment of the outdoors may have been substantially diminished by a frightening encounter that ended with the slender blonde struggling bound and naked amidst trees and bushes! Eyes wide above a black cleave and stiff-nippled breasts jutting between taut ropes, Charlotte writhes on her knees until she's pushed onto her side and folded with a tether linking her chest ropework and ankles!

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