Grabbed and Helpless

Release Date: Jul.11.2014
Running Time: 0:53:52
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Anissa Kate, Summer Brielle, Vanessa Veracruz, Lena Shelby, Indica James, Chloe Amour, Cassie Laine

 No, that's not an ultra-modernistic centerpiece on the coffee-table, it's exotic nude Anissa Kate who squirms as she sits swathed in rope and ball-gagged on the rough wooden surface! Unwilling to remain in her humiliating situation, Anissa attempts to slip off the table, but is rudely returned to her perch in a much more rigorous restraint after she's hogtied!

Cali Hayes has an unusual assignment: She's been hired to hold Summer Brielle in bondage for a few days so that the bosomy beauty won't distract her hedge-fund manager boyfriend during a crucial period for his firm! Gorgeous Summer is a distraction indeed as she sits tied and cleave-gagged in bra and panties that seem about to burst off her voluptuous body as she writhes on an armchair! Scornful at first of Summer's ability to mesmerize men with her mammaries, Cali finally can't resist the temptation to bare and fondle those amazing boobs -- and also finds time to tantalize the struggling Summer's soft bare soles!

Talk about your damsel in distress -- it's scary enough for busty Vanessa Veracruz to be sitting naked and bound in a chair, her luscious lips spread by a knotted black cleave! But then a masked freak produces a bowl-full of water into which he dunks Vanessa's exquisite toe-tied bare feet; having her size-five tootsies soaked will be the least of the beauteous brunette's problems if the creep's threats are to be believed. Aware of her peril, Vanessa struggles feverishly -- but, never fear, a heroine this lovely will inevitably be rescued!

Her denim overalls and shorts testify to Lena Shelby's identity as an outdoor girl -- so what's she doing indoors standing in the corner? The look on Lena's face reveals that she's surprised as well at her rope- bound predicament as she teeters uneasily on heeled sandals and utters cleave- gagged complaints. The bound blonde's also perplexed by breast exposure that imprisons one of her nipples in unique fashion, but any concerns about her balance end when Lena's deprived of her shoes and transferred to a bed, where she sits barefoot and frustrated!

As Indica James kneels bound and ball-gagged on her bed, there's nothing between her feisty little body and the tan ropes restraining her but a translucent blue teddy! Tethered to the wooden bed's headframe, Indica twists on her knees and rolls onto her hip in protest against unseen hands that dishevel the teddy and pull down her panties. Whether it's the result of her vigorous struggling or a subconscious thrill at her plight, Indica's stiff nipples are impossible to ignore!

Cleave-gagged and tied hand and foot in their denim outfits, Cassie Laine and Chloe Amour tremble as they sit on the sofa, where sinister strangers led by Loren Chance have left them. Despite warnings not to cause problems, Cassie wriggles out of her ropes, but before she can free Chloe, she hears Loren returning and runs off. An annoyed Loren decides to play hardball, so Chloe's soon writhing naked, tape-gagged and crotch-roped in the tough chick's grasp! When Cassie's caught and brought back, she also becomes Loren's nude bondage plaything while Chloe watches in despair; after Loren's finished disciplining the unfortunate girls, they're dumped back on the sofa where their misadventure began! 

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