Naked Bondage Playthings

Release Date: Apr.20.2015
Running Time: 0:43:49
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Madi Meadows, Keira Nicole, Shyla Jennings, Ashley Lane

How lucky is gorgeous blonde Keira Nicole? She's talked Madi Meadows into some playful bondage and now the luscious brunette stands naked and bound as Keira toys with her breasts! But Keira has more serious domination on her mind, so she ignores Madi's request to end the game, tape-gags her and subjects her to crotch-rope submission! Then, with Madi on her knees, lustful Keira mouths her breasts and tickles her vulnerable bare soles! 

Keira makes just one mistake -- she invites a kinky acquaintance to view Madi's domination! Much as he enjoys the sight, the thought of Keira squirming in Madi's clutches was even more appealing and quickly becomes reality! Clad in black lingerie, stockings and heels, resentful Madi pays back the trussed-up nude with interest, first imitating her own ordeal with breast- fondling and crotch-rope play! Once Keira kneels, Madi becomes more creative by spanking the squirming blonde after folding her until her face touches the floor! Her dominant ambitions far in the past, tape-gagged Keira whimpers when her head's pushed between Madi's legs and she sniffs her panties! 

If Madi thinks she's in charge now, she's in for a shock from Keira's treacherous friend! Gagged with duct tape now, the stunning nude pair sit trussed-up and struggling on the carpet under the eyes of a very appreciative viewer! Madi's resentful of Keira at first, but they soon coordinate their contortions as they attempt to loosen their knotty restraint! The girls give 100%, but without success, and before long four arched bare soles rise above their bottoms as Keira and Madi writhe unhappily in hogtied constraint! 

So how would you react if you found petite nude Shyla Jennings delivered in bondage to your back door? Securely roped and silenced with a surprisingly large ball-gag, Shyla twists in frustration as she sits next to glass doors and waits for one of the home's residents to notice her plight! Shyla's unable to squeeze out of her rope entanglement but does manage to slip the sandals off her tiny bare feet! 

Stripped of her clothing, sweet, slender Ashley Lane kneels on a platform, clothed only in unforgiving hemp rope that coils around her naked body and links her to a chain hanging from the ceiling! Despite murmured pleas for release through lips sealed by duct tape, Ashley's powerless to prevent her hemp-powered restraint from morphing into a hogtie! 

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video does not show nearly enough of madi meadows body from behind.