Tied Up For Pleasure

Release Date: Dec.15.2015
Running Time: 0:45:1
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Leah Gotti, Kylie Sinner, Susan Ray, Rose Ballentine, Kenna James, Lena Shelby

The temperature rises during every minute that alluring bare- breasted brunettes Kylie Sinner and Leah Gotti spend playing with each other as they curl up on the bed! The situation cools off quickly when their makeout session's rudely interrupted by intruders who arrange the naked girlfriends on their knees, bound and tethered to the bed's headboard! Tape-gagged and writhing, Leah and Kylie noisily resist their restraint, even after they're hogtied; Leah in particular arches with acrobatic vigor!

Rose Ballentine's a slender redhead with a taste for bound and gagged playthings, so it's a dream come true for Rose when she's left in charge of trussed-up Susan Ray! Seated on a wooden chest, Susan whimpers behind her tape-gag while Rose bares and fondles her breasts! The bad girl then gets creative by removing one of her shiny black pumps and pressing it against Susan's face so that her bondage toy can enjoy a a generous whiff of sweaty-foot aroma! To complete Susan's humiliation, Rose slips down her panties so she can take several photos of the bush above her pussy! 

Rose's time on top doesn't last long; after she's double-crossed, the disillusioned dom finds herself seated next to Susan, her lithe body controlled by rope and her sassy mouth gagged with duct-tape! Susan's breasts are hidden now and, though still trapped in bondage, she gains a measure of payback after Rose slips off the chest. While the barefoot redhead struggles on the floor, Susan swings her bound legs above Rose, then plants her high heels on her former tormentor's body! 

Lena Shelby wanted to taste the sweet slender bare feet of Kenna James; she decided that the experience would be even more memorable if Kenna were bound and gagged! So Lena deprived Kenna of her clothes, then laid her tied and tape-gagged on the couch so she could hungrily mouth the bewildered blonde's long toes and lick her supple soles!

One good kinky turn deserves another, so after Lena finishes feasting on her feet and gets careless, Kenna takes charge! Once Lena's seated on the lounge wearing ropes and tape, Kenna shows how much she's learned by raising the naughty blonde's shapely feet and sucking her toes! Creative Kenna also tongues Lena's foot-bottoms while teasing the bound beauty's nipples with her own toes!  

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