Tape Bound, Volume 23

Release Date: Dec.15.2015
Running Time: 0:46:11
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kenna James, Harley Jade, Susan Ray, Ashley Lane, Rose Ballentine, Kylie Sinner

Kenna James and Harley Jade don't have much room on the mattress, but the nude detainees don't really need much because they're efficiently subdued and silenced by coils of microfoam tape! Seated back-to-back, Kenna and Harley strain courageously against the tape as they murmur hopefully to each other, then writhe next to each other after they fall on their sides!

Susan Ray wears a pastel blue top and dark blue denims, but it's the sticky white tape controlling her body that would have her singing the blues -- if there weren't more of that annoying tape covering her mouth! Curled up against the wall as she sits on a wooden floor, Susan maneuvers her body cleverly until she manages to stand on her sandaled bare feet -- but she's in for a surprise!

Ashley Lane's eyes are wide and pleading above the tape sealing her lips! Windings of microfoam tape press Ashley's flower-print dress against her body, pin her wrists and ankles together and snake around her arms and thighs! Dressed for a day of summertime fun, Ashley twists furiously and kicks up her sandaled bare feet as she lies on the floor but she'll be staying inside for the duration!

Seated with her back against the wall, eye-catching redhead Rose Ballentine's unclothed except for the microfoam tape around her ankles, thighs and wrists, above and below her breasts and over her mouth! Rose doesn't give up without a battle, but fails to burst the tape even after she rolls onto the floor and contorts her body with all her energy! 

Kylie Sinner's a tall and sturdy young lady, but she's no match for the tape that pins her legs together, immobilizes her arms against her body and frames her breasts! At first seated against the bed's headboard, Kylie throws herself onto her stomach and kicks up her bare feet, but the tape-gagged nude beauty remains under the tape's spell! 

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