Couples Bound, Gagged And Hogtied

Release Date: Oct.25.2015
Running Time: 0:45:22
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Kylie Sinner, Max Evergreen, Phoebe Queen, Chris Rainer, Carissa Montgomery, Jay Smooth, Amanda Tate, Robby Echo, Chloe Amour, Ryan McLane

Naked and helpless Kylie Sinner and her underwear clad boyfriend Max Evergreen are tied up lying face down in bed their mouths sealed shut with a tape gag. As they struggle to free themselves their captors come back and add a bit of rope and hogtie the pair to make sure this couple will not go anywhere!

Barefoot captives Phoebe Queen and Chris Rainer are tied up and tethered to a bed hoping that they can free themselves from this bondage nightmare. But this is just the beginning for the helpless pair as they are put into cross-ankled hogties!

Vicious home invaders tape-gag and hogtie Jay Smooth and Carissa Montgomery -- Carissa arches in the windowseat while Jay writhes on the sofa!

Imagine Robby Echo's horror when he returns home to find girlfriend Amanda Tate sitting on the edge of a table, bound, gagged and naked! It seems Robby scammed a man named Joshua out of a large sum of money, and now he's returned for payback! Joshua gets some of his money back, but since most of it's already gone, he rewards the free-spending couple, Robby Echo and Amanda Tate, with hogties!

After taking care of Ryan McLane first, Chloe Amour's obsessive ex then grabs her from behind and ties her up so he can fondle her breast in front of her new boyfriend! Ryan snarls through his gag, but can only watch as the shameless intruder mocks Ryan while tweaking the bound beauty's nipples! 

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