Home Bound

Release Date: May.31.2012
Running Time: 0:35:7
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Sean, Sherri Reynolds, Devon, Angie Savage, Blake, Caroline Warner, Tom, Hana Dubcek, Josh, Ashley Raines, Neil, Jasmine Mancini

Sherri Reynolds and Sean come home from a pleasant day of shopping to find themselves bound to chairs and tape gagged.

Angie Savage and Devon get stripped of their clothes and valuables before being tied and ball-gagged.

During a foreclosure sale Blake and Caroline think they've found the perfect house but the current owner doesn't want to give it up and knocks out Blake and hand gags Caroline before tying them up on the floor.

Vacationers Hana Dubcek and Tom are robbed, tied up and ball-gagged by a desperate drug addict.

Ex-gangbanger Josh and his innocent tutor Ashley Raines are tied and cleave gagged by a couple of his ex-homies.

Liberal do-gooders Neil and Jasmine Mancini just moved into a pretty tough part of town. One of their neighbors welcomes them to the neighborhood by hog-tying and cleave gagging them.

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