Nice Girls Get Hogtied Too

Release Date: Mar.22.2013
Running Time: 0:52:35
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Brooklyn Chase, Megan Salinas, Lyla Storm, Aleigha Hotstein, Linzy Cross, Cassie Laine, Sophia Taylor

Obsessed with Megan Salinas, Brooklyn Chase pays a surprise visit to the luscious Latina, ties her up and gags her with duct tape! As Megan kneels whimpering on her bed, Brooklyn unwraps her present and fondles those beckoning breasts, then lowers the defenseless girl onto her stomach for a hogtie! The horny captor shows her appreciation for Megan's perfect little toe-tied bare feet by licking them and using them to massage her breasts while the wide- eyed victim squeals her resentment of Brooklyn's ticklish treatment!

Megan Salinas inflicts hogtie-for-hogtie payback on Brooklyn Chase when she turns the tables on her tormentor! First she grabs a double handful of Brooklyn's ample orbs as the regretful girl kneels naked and crotch-roped, then delights in the joys of domination after Brooklyn lies bowed on her stomach! While Megan toys with her toe-tied bare feet, ball- gagged Brooklyn's only response is to squirm and drool!

Slithering along the hardwood floor like a sexy snake, Lyla Storm refuses to accept the restriction enforced by her bondage! Her leggy naked body circled by tightly knotted ropes, her lips sealed with duct tape, Lyla thrashes about acrobatically until her motions are diminished by a hogtie. Though her wrists are pulled close to her ankles, stormy Lyla arches and rolls from side-to-side even after it's obvious she can't free herself.

Tautly trussed into submission, Aleigha Hotstein kneels naked and crotch-roped; the pretty brunette seems confused by her plight but the red ball in her mouth limits her ability to question her captors. The inevitable hogtie makes Aleigha to wriggle on her stomach and reveal the restrictiveness of the ropework immobilizing her arms, as well as highlighting shapely naked soles!

It's her wary eyes that first tell you that Linzy Cross is in trouble, and then you see the cloth sealed between her lips with semi- transparent tape and the ropes knotted around her arms and legs as she kneels barefoot on a couch! Linzy's soon relieved of the necessity to balance unsteadily on her knees after she's placed onto her stomach and hogtied; ingenious ropework easily survives Linzy's determined struggling that's highlighted by the flexing of bare soles linked by tied toes!

Cassie Laine and Sophia Taylor have much in common: They're both petite dark-haired girls noted for their beautiful bodies and exquisite size-5 bare feet. As they sit naked, bound and tape-gagged next to each other on a couch, Cassie and Sophia also share captivity that they resist with futile contortions that continue even after they're moved onto the carpeted floor and hogtied!

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