My Bound Plaything

Release Date: Mar.01.2013
Running Time: 0:52:43
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Stacie Jaxxx, Sierra Day, Zoey Paige, Lyla Storm, Kelly Collins, Lexi Bloom, Lee Smith, Carissa Montgomery

Sierra Day is one tough chick, as worried-looking Stacie Jaxxx can testify from personal experience after Sierra turns her into a personal bondage doll! Kneeling tied and cleave-gagged, sweet Stacie squirms while Sierra opens her skimpy nighty and plays with her breasts! After pulling down Stacie's panties, Sierra pushes the whimpering little blonde onto her stomach, spanks her round bare bottom and toys with her wriggling naked feet!

Zoey Paige and Lyla Storm have been battling back and forth evenly on the bondage front, but Lyla gets the last laugh when she seats her captive on an antique wooden chest and gleefully fondles her rope- framed breasts! Lyla seems to have even more fun briefly tickling and mouthing Zoey's black-stockinged feet before giving her plaything a break; with her knees roped to her chest and a black cloth tied between her lips, Zoey's in no position to cause trouble!

Dressed in a tight black minidress and gleaming black pumps, Kelly Collins was looking forward to a night of partying with best pal Lexi Bloom, but she had a visitor before Lexi arrived -- the kind who brings along ropes and gags! When Lexi finally showed up, she encountered a tightly bound and bare-breasted Kelly standing tethered to the stair- railing and mouthing a ball-gag! Soon Lexi stood tape- gagged and tied several feet from Kelly; the girls eyed each other uneasily as they writhed barefoot and bare-pussied, thanks to the mischievous intruder who'd stolen their shoes and pulled up their dresses!

Before heading to the club, Lee Smith was limbering up her fingers at the piano when her evening took an unexpected turn! White ropes twisted around her form-fitting grey top and a black cleave nestled between her lips as Lee sat stunned on the piano bench; once the desperado departed, Lee tried to alert passersby to her plight by banging on the keyboard, first with with her pumps, then her bare toes! When there was no response, gutsy Lee rolled to the floor and crawled toward the door!

A knockout in her skin-tight yellow dress and strappy sandals, ultra- busty entertainer Carissa Montgomery knew she'd be the center of attention at the party. And there's no doubt she was, but not as a singer or dancer, because Carissa had been turned into a bare-breasted, bound and ball-gagged centerpiece on top of the dining table! Despite her garbled protests, more ropes were added until the barefoot blonde lay ball-tied and nearly motionless on the shining wooden surface!

Maybe Sierra Day's not as tough as she looks, because Stacie Jaxxx made her seem pretty meek while gaining some richly-deserved retribution! Seated bare-skinned and bound on the same bed where she'd played with Stacie, her angry eyes flashing above the red tape covering her mouth, Sierra was powerless to prevent gleeful Stacie from indulging in tit-squeezing payback! But it was the way that Stacie contemptuosly caressed Sierra from foot to face with her own sweaty bare feet that emphasized her plight!

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