Sexy Exec's Bondage Peril

Release Date: Oct.07.2011
Running Time: 0:49:32
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Izzabella Blu, Judith Eufrat, Melissa Jacobs, Jana Jordan, Natasha Warner,


A secretarial revolt against office supervisor Izzabella Blu secures the astonished Izzabella to a chair with an inescapable web of rope, silences her sharp tongue with a cleave-gag, then humiliates her by baring her boobs!


Eavesdropping on her shady boss backfires in disastrous fashion for Judith Eufrat, who's surprised, gagged and bound by a hard-as-nails henchwoman! While ruthless criminals decide her fate, Judith struggles on the floor in a losing battle against inescapable bondage!


Troubled by bondage fantasies, Melissa Jacobs consults a therapist, who skillfully elicits specific details of a troubling vision in which Melissa imagines herself lying bound to a bench, gagged with duct tape, her breasts bared and panties exposed!


Fragile Jana Jordan doesn't stand a chance when she tries to prevent scheming Loren Chance from taking charge of her computer! Easily overpowering Jana, Loren trusses her up and ties a cloth between her lips, then hogties her before departing with her stolen data!


Bound to a chair by an office-invading thief, feisty captive Natasha Warner incurs double bondage jeopardy when she attempts to escape! The annoyed burglar immobilizes Natasha with a generous helping of duct tape wrapped around her slender body, topped off by strips of tape trumping her cleave-gag! 


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