Captive Sisters

Release Date: Oct.07.2011
Running Time: 0:39:12
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cory Lane, Holly Lane, Heather Stewart, Jolene Desero, Ashley Manning, Megan Monroe, Charlie


Like most older sisters, Holly Lane wants only the best for little sister Cory! So when Cory falls under the spell of a handsome, smooth-talking bum, Holly speaks her mind. But Cory’s not listening; in fact, she helps her man tie and gag poor Holly! Of course, Cory soon discovers her boyfriend’s true nature and joins Holly in bondage. As they struggle together in a double hogtie, Cory silently eyes Holly in a pathetic admission that big sister knows best!


Three dramatic scenarios complete FB-19: first, college orators Heather Stewart and Jolene Desero are preparing for the big debate when rivals break in to bind and silence them! Dark lady Megan Monroe makes lovely Ashley Manning her helpless hostage, but Megan later discovers how it feels to be bound and gagged! Finally, a defiant Charlie learns that she’s no match for the tight ropes of a determined captor! 


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