Dangerous Diva's Bound And Gagged Blondes

Release Date: Jul.26.2013
Running Time: 0:57:6
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Summer Brielle, Roxxi Silver, Charlotte Stokely, Chloe Lynn, Loren Chance

When Roxxi Silver went on the run from Dangerous Diva, she turned to Summer Brielle for a safe haven. But both beautiful blondes discovered that you can't hide from the Diva!

Roxxi slept peacefully on Summer's couch -- until the Woman In Black materialized like a nightmare to reclaim her slave with rope and duct tape! The helpless girl whimpered while the Diva briefly fondled her soft body, but her mistress soon departed to bind the other blonde in the house!

While Roxxi lay gagged and hogtied, the Diva slipped silently into Summer's bedroom, awakened her by taping her lips, then arrogantly groped Summer's marvelous breasts once she was bound and helpless! Desperate to free herself, Summer unintentionally furnished amusement for her captor by rolling awkwardly on the bed in a lotus tie.

Trussed naked to chairs with black rope and gagged with black cleaves, Roxxi and Summer writhed in terror while the Queen Of Crime reigned tyrannically over them with a buzzing phallic scepter that traversed their bodies before caressing their pussies!

"BLONDES FOR SALE" shouted the sign so Dangerous Diva trolled the highways and byways of Hollywood to find premium candidates for her customers!

Sweet Charlotte Stokely entered the Diva's lair naked, with her hands tied behind her back and a black cloth between her lips. Then, as Charlotte trembled, the Dark Lady framed her breasts with rope, tied another black strand between her pussy-lips, and watched with delight while the desperate girl struggled at her feet!

The Diva doubled her pleasure when she added innocent Chloe Lynn to her collection. After the tape-gagged captives attempted to free each other, the Dangerous One bound them together foot-to-face into a "69" arrangement as punishment! Two alluring blondes were ready for sale to the highest bidder...then a third joined them in captivity!

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