Megan Salinas Bondage Fantasies

Release Date: Jul.19.2013
Running Time: 0:43:34
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Megan Salinas

Are these fantasies that flowered in the imagination of Megan Salinas - or did they emerge from the subconscious of the man whose hooded surrogate takes Megan captive over and over again?

1) Naked, tied and blindfolded, damsel in distress Megan writhes in the arms of the Hooded Creeper as he carries her into the room. After she's seated in a chair and more elaborately bound, Megan's relieved of the blindfold but she's gagged with cloth stuffing sealed by duct tape over self-adhesive. Her luscious breasts framed with rope and shapely bare feet treated to a toe-tie, Megan whimpers expressively as she struggles -- especially when the man's fingers familiarize themselves with her nipples!

2) Costumed in a diaphanous purple harem costume and gold sandals, Megan dances seductively for her hooded memesis, who curtails the entertainment by tying and gagging her with scarves! When the feisty harem girl wriggles free of her scarf bondage, the hood takes sterner measures by substituting reliable rope bondage and a black overmouth gag. Megan continues to strive for freedom against her more restrictive restraint as she lies on a couch, but the only changes that occur as the fantasy proceeds are the baring of her breasts and feet!

3) A pentagram hanging behind her that's echoed in the ingenious ropework imprisoning her naked breasts reveals that Megan has fallen into the clutches of a malevolent cult! In a predictable development, Megan's hooded tormentor is a charter member of the cult; as the trembling girl kneels nude and ball- gagged on a black platform, he callously fondles her breasts and relishes her plight! After hogtying Megan, he ratchets up her anguish by tickling her vulnerable soles while she squeals in despair.

4) A hardworking businesswoman demurely clothed in blouse and skirt who's seized when she returns home with a cashbox full of the day's proceeds -- yes, it's yet another identity for Megan! Stashed by our dependable villain in the corner of her kitchen, Megan sits trussed up on the floor after she's mouth-stuffed and tape- gagged. When the thief searches her house for more valuables to plunder, Megan slips out of her shoes and squirms toward the door, but his timely return relegates her to tethered restraint against the massive wooden kitchen block!

5) Well, it's about time -- Megan's roped into her most vulnerable position yet, but the fantasy at last enters into consensual territory! Megan's pussy is provocatively exposed as she sits on the black platform with her ankles tied separately to its legs; her hands are tied behind her and those exquisite natural orbs are highlighted with creatively entwined ropes. The petite prisoner is entirely defenseless, but when the inevitable hood materializes, Megan's eyes light up and she murmurs contentedly while he gently caresses her breasts -- pleasure, not subjugation, is now the object of his incursion! And the final requirement for Megan's pleasure is the vibrator tied close to her pusssy; after a playful tickling farewell to her feet, the thoughtful partner leaves Megan to bask in the waves of excitement surging throughout her body!

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