The Rios Detective Agency: A New Beginning

Release Date: May.05.2011
Running Time: 0:39:40
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Melanie Rios, Carly Banks


Carli Banks and Melanie Rios don't get much detective work done but they sure look great in bondage!


New to the agency, Carli makes a rookie mistake by allowing a dubious couple access to the office while Melanie's out on a job. Carli pays for her error by struggling bound and gagged in her chair while her captors wait for Melanie to return!


Warning the plucky PI to stay out of their business, the sinister couple leave Melanie trussed up and gagged in the chair next to Carli! As the girls twist in their chairs, they work together ingeniously in attempting to loosen their bonds and gags but the only result is Carli's breast-baring wardrobe malfunction!


Naturally, our detectives refuse to stop their investigation; just as naturally, they wind up in a bind again! Their plight's more serious this time: stripped naked and gagged with duct tape, they're bound standing with their hands tethered overhead to a railing!


To drive home his message of noninterference to the hapless detectives, the vicious thug adds a dose of humiliation! While a tape-gagged Carli squirms on her back, hands tied above her head and legs spread wide, Melanie's made to fondle and lick her breasts, then suck her toes!


The future looks bleak for the Rios agency when tied and tape-gagged nudes Melanie and Carli are forced into the trunk of their tormentor's car; as the petite captives whimper and writhe, he informs them that they'll be driven to an isolated area where the car -- and its contents -- will be abandoned!  


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