Cassie's Costume Bondage Fantasy

Release Date: Mar.01.2013
Running Time: 0:52:44
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Cassie Laine, Lee Smith, Linzy Cross, Lilly Evans, Stacie Jaxxx, Brooklyn Chase, Zadyn Gordon

It's hard to imagine that adorable Cassie Laine has done anything seriously wrong, but there's no question that the bound girl is being subjected to a mysterious punishment. Clad in a bright red cheongsam, Cassie stands with her arms spread wide and anchored above her head; a cross-ankle tie forces her to balance uneasily first on black pumps, then bare feet! The little prisoner's eyes must beg for mercy because cloth stuffing held in place by a sheer stocking keeps Cassie's mouth out of action.

Returning early from her daily 5K run, jogger Lee Smith surprises a burglar who responds by tying and tape-gagging the athletic young woman on her bed. Before the unpleasant confrontation's over, Lee's been relieved of her designer sunglasses and collectible running shoes; Lee generates impressive energy while angrily attempting to unravel her bonds, but the hogtie arching her body survives the captive's noisy challenge.

Lithe cat-burglar Linzy Cross usually slinks away silently from the locale of her larcenous activity, but not tonight! Sheathed in a skintight catsuit, her body wears an extra layer of intricately knotted rope that defies her attempts to slither free. To Linzy's horror, her hood's removed, which reveals her identity and also permits her lying lips to be sealed with tape as black as her costume! After she loses her pumps, the defeated thief curls up in stockinged feet and squirms in desperation on the floor!

Aspiring actress Lilly Evans believed she was auditioning for a thoughtful documentary depicting the many wrongs done to Native Americans, but instead fell into the clutches of a deranged director who made Lilly the centerpiece of a strange and politically incorrect scenario. Conned into wearing a skimpy pseudo-buckskin negligee, the trussed-up little brunette protests through an overmouth bandanna gag and wriggles in embarrassment on her stomach after she's deprived of her moccasins and hogtied!

Her schoolgirl costume made it easier for clever private detective Stacie Jaxxx to convince the subjects of her investigations that she was harmless. But when a suspicious evildoer sees through her disguise, Stacie finds herself in a very tight spot! A stern lesson in minding her own business follows, as the sexy PI's roped to a chair, her breasts and pussy exposed and a red ball-gag jammed between her trembling lips!

Attempting to hide from home invaders, chambermaids Brooklyn Chase and Zadyn Gordon race into a bedroom but the evildoers are right behind! After they're roped up and tape-gagged, the unlucky captives sit quietly on the bed at first, then scramble as they try to loosen their bonds. The maids' luck doesn't improve because they're pulled apart and tethered wrist-to-ankle, though the feisty girls lean against each other mouth-to-mouth in an attempt to strip off their gags!

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