The Crazy Roommate

Release Date: May.13.2011
Running Time: 0:40:52
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Gia Mancini, Jasmine Mancini, Nikki Nefarious

The Mancini sisters needed a room-mate! After a long search, they'd found a fantastic house but it came with a rent that their incomes couldn't cover. Several candidates to join Gia and Jasmine in their dream house were rejected until an energetic little redhead named Nikki won their approval. Bright, attractive and funny, Nikki seemed to be a perfect addition to the Mancini household; the sisters would soon learn that apperances can be deceiving!


Jasmine wasn't troubled at first when Nikki approached her a few days after moving in and playfully asked to tie her hands. Perhaps the new room-mate was about to demonstrate some sort of magic trick, thought Jasmine, so she willingly allowed Nikki to bind her wrists behind her back. But as Nikki produced more lengths of rope and tightened them around her body, and as the girl's eyes gleamed with feverish excitement at the sight of her captive's immobility, Jasmine grew alarmed! Producing a roll of silver duct tape, Nikki quickly squelched Jasmine's protests by sealing her lips, then completed her restraint by linking wrists, chest, thighs and ankles into a web of rope that prevented Jasmine from doing anything more than wriggling her bare feet out of her flipflops!


Jasmine sighed with relief when her sister discovered the bizarre tableau but, despite her muffled squeals, Gia simply shrugged her shoulders and left when Nikki explained that she and Jasmine were playing a game. Gia would soon pay the price for her complacence, though, because an excited Nikki rushed out of the room after her and quickly returned with the senior Mancini sister already in her clutches! While Jasmine, feeling more helpless and vulnerable than ever before in her life, lay next to Gia, their crazed room-mate turned her sister into another writhing, protesting package neatly held together with rope and tape! Nikki's skills with rope were awe-inspiring, but her delight at transforming two beautiful young women into her personal bondage dolls was disturbing!


After their harrowing experience, Gia and Jasmine at first naturally planned to evict Nikki. But the nagging issue of rent overcame their fear of this eccentric room-mate; after all, they rationalized, Nikki hadn't actually tried to hurt them or perform any criminal acts! Except for this one strange aspect of her personality, Nikki was an exemplary companion, always eager to share in chores or expenses. So the Mancinis tried to keep a stiff upper lip when Nikki's rope mania emerged. When, for example, ended an argument over which TV show to watch in the most peremptory fashion by overpowering Gia and tying her into awkward immobility, then repeating the process with Jasmine when she stumbled onto the scene! Cradling the sisters' heads in her lap while she watched her program, Nikki exulted in her own multimedia production! Gia, cursing the rampaging room-mate through her tape gag, and Jasmine, muttering similar sentiments around the cloth tied between her lips, found their TV time much less rewarding!


The final straw was when Nikki roped Gia to an antique chair with wonderful creative flourishes and sealed her mouth with tape just before a prospective employer was about to meet with poor Gia. With Gia and Jasmine both embarrassed beyond belief and the job long gone, they told Nikki without reservation that she was to be gone by the next morning!


With nothing to loose, Nikki grabbed Jasmine and prepared a bath for her that the long-suffering girl appreciated even less than her previous bondage stylings by Nikki! While Gia squealed feebly from her bedroom completely unable to help her sister, Nikki plopped a roped, tape gagged and barefoot, but otherwise fully-clothed Jasmine into the bathtub and turned on the faucet! Soaked and scared, Jasmine wriggled in the tub as it filled with warm water; seated next to her on the edge of the tub, Nikki was entranced by her achievement and ignored her captive's mumbled pleas for release.


Nikki packed her bags and left. There had to be a good roommate somewhere in LA. 


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