Bound Girls In Big Trouble!

Release Date: Jul.06.2012
Running Time: 0:45:28
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Caroline Warner, Starr Conway, Jana Cova, Jelena Jensen, Kitana Jade, Sherri Reynolds, Holly Manning, Holly Morgan, Lisa Richards, Brittany Adams, Kristal Davis, Kayla Paige, Ashley Raines

Are girls simply too trusting with those of their own gender? We've brought together seven case-studies that tend to demonstrate the thesis that pretty girls should be more vigilant when approached by potential captors of the fair sex! Caroline Warner's forced into bound and gagged captivity by Starr Conway, Jana Cova by Jelena Jensen (although Jana alone of these seven girls savors the joy of seeing Jelena struggle in turn), Sherri Reynolds by Holly Manning, Holly Morgan by Kitana, Lisa Richards by Brittany Adams, Kristal Davis by Kayla Paige and Ashley Raines by Jana Cova! Just to show that guys can be rotten too, Kitana Jade's held hostage while waiting to be ransomed!

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