Cat Burglar Conflict

Release Date: Sep.27.2013
Running Time: 0:50:30
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cassie Laine, Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn Chase and Cassie Laine agree on just one thing: There's room for only one cat-suited crime girl in their neck of the woods!

Brooklyn acts quickly when she learns that novice cat-burglar Cassie has been infringing on her territory! Ambushing Cassie when she's about to pull another theft, Brooklyn overpowers the smaller girl, then humiliates her petite rival by unmasking her and toying with her bare breasts. Trussed up and tape-gagged, Cassie squirms in Brooklyn's grasp on the edge of a bed, then writhes barefoot and hogtied while the victor in their battle slinks off with her gleaming spike heels!

If Brooklyn thinks that she's driven Cassie out of the burglary business, she's dramatically mistaken! Accompanied by thuggish muscle, Cassie invades her enemy's turf and soon it's cat-suited Brooklyn writhing roped-up in her chair and muttering through a knotted back cleave! After the avenging newcomer gleefully exposes Brooklyn's magnificent breasts, she fondles them assertively, then perches on her captive's desk so she can emphasize Brooklyn's subjugation with the spikes of her recovered high heels!

While Cassie plans their next larcenous excursion, her associate acquaints an indignant Brooklyn with the second phase of her attitude adjustment. Stripped of her cat-suit, the busty burglar stands tied to a tree wearing nothing but her boots while the masked henchman taunts her and promises even more uncomfortable restraint to come! When cleave-gagged Brooklyn responds too noisily to his insults, he adds a layer of duct tape to the cloth, then settles back to enjoy her crotch-roped contortions.

Subdued by her trip outdoors and deprived of her boots, the fully nude Brooklyn's trapped in a bathtub, where her pink flesh trembles under the oppression of cunningly applied black rope! A bright-red ball- gag augments the once-dominant cat-burglar's misery, eliciting bubbles of drool that vividly reveal Brooklyn's helplessness. Stretching out her bare feet over the edge of the tub, Brooklyn makes a feeble attempt to escape her porcelain prison, but she's going nowhere fast.

Cassie's campaign to convince Brooklyn that there's a new sheriff in town reaches its climax as the dethroned crime queen liesspreadeagled on a bed! With sweet cruelty, Cassie stuffs cloth into the defenseless Brooklyn's mouth and seals her lips with semi- transparent tape. The squirming prisoner's breasts quiver under her vengeful rival's fingers, then Cassie produces her final surprise -- a vibrator that she guides between Brooklyn's legs! Her gag strengthened by duct tape and the buzzing plastic intruder tied onto her pussy, Brooklyn gasps and spasms while Cassie thrills at the sight of her crushing defeat. But Cassie's triumph is short-lived: When her happy henchman suggests a carnal celebration, she rejects him violently, and he reacts with all the rage of a bruised ego!

Crime does not pay -- at least not for Brooklyn and Cassie, whose illicit but lucrative operations are now well on the way to bankruptcy! Their form-fitting catsuits nowhere in sight, the bitter opponents kneel bound and tape-gagged, their naked bodies facing each other just inches apart! While they eye each other uncomfortably, Cassie's rejected associate smugly informs them that he'll be calling the police to let them know where they can find the two sexy culprits responsible for the latest crime wave. After tethering Brooklyn and Cassie into immobility on their hips, he makes good on his threat, then splits -- but not before recording a few memorable images of the dismayed beauties frozen in bondage!

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