Grab and Bind: Randy Moore

Release Date: Jul.29.2011
Running Time: 0:56:51
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Randy Moore, Melissa Mendini


Treacherous employees turn gorgeous Randy into a bound, gagged and naked moneymaker!


When she discovers that her manager and personal assistant have conspired to embezzle large amounts of her wealth, enraged supermodel Randy orders them to a meeting where she fires them and threatens to send them to prison! But Loren Chance and Nikki Nefarious have no intentions of going behind bars; suspecting that Randy's uncovered their racket, they've brought plenty of rope to the confrontation! Despite Randy's vigorous resistance, the criminal partners overpower, bind and gag her, then vent their bitterness against the beautiful captive by exposing and fondling her breasts! Watching Randy's alluring semi-nude body writhing in bondage inspires a cynically brilliant idea: grab as much visual material as possible of this celebrated model naked and helpless, put it on the internet and watch the money flow in! Of course it would be wise under the circumstances for Loren and Nikki to leave the country, but that's a sacrifice they're willing to make!


Once they've stripped Randy, gagged her with black cloth and framed her breasts with black rope, the cruel conspirators lead the frightened girl around by another length of rope and force her to walk on tiptoe! Taking turns with the camera, Nikki and Loren bombard Randy with taunts that poke fun at her plight as a model very unwillingly walking the runway! When they've sufficiently humiliated Randy, they rope her to a chair for more camera exposure! After a few minutes, Nikki gleefully notes that their victim's position would be even more enticing if her bound legs were spread!


Randy's ordeal continues after a rope web pins her to a massive cement pillar; crotch- roped and silenced with a rope gag, the nude prisoner endures more rough handling and crude insults from her former minions! But the inventive pair escalates her anguish by producing ice-cubes and sadistically pressing them against her defenseless flesh -- unsurprisingly, it's Randy's beckoning breasts that bear the brunt of Nikki and Loren's icy torment!


No longer standing and statuesque, Randy's instead compressed into a frog-tie that's topped off with a bright red ball-gag! Balanced precariously on a rolling platform, Randy first sits unhappily for another batch of open- legged portraits before she's forced onto her knees, then pushed onto her stomach! Wriggling powerlessly, the hapless model giggles when Loren concentrates her attention -- and steely fingers -- on Randy's soft bare soles!


While shamelessly ransacking Randy's mansion, Loren and Nikki unearth a harem costume that they force her to wear before she's trussed with hemp rope to the railings at the bottom of the staircase! Her arms and legs spread wide by the bondage, Randy's the object of uproarious laughter directed at the immodest costume from which her tits and pussy protrude! Once they've stuffed her mouth with cloth and forced it in place with self-adhesive wrapping, Randy's vicious captors continue to enjoy themselves at her expense, while promising her that their campaign for ill-gotten gain has only begun! 


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