Naked Bondage For Nice Girls

Release Date: Jul.12.2013
Running Time: 0:49:57
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Chloe Lynn, Cali Hayes, Britney Lace, Catie Parker, Presley Hart, Sidney Adams, Catie Parker

What an idyllic image: Two golden-haired, fair-skinned beauties posing serenely nude on a red couch amidst backyard greenery! But when a sinister element intrudes, Charlotte Stokely and Chloe Lynn murmur in disbelief as they writhe on their hips, their delectable bodies webbed with rope and their lips spread by ball-gags!

Seated in her breakfast nook, lingerie-clad Cali Hayes enjoys some me-time -- but not for long because a larcenous intruder has other plans for the wide-eyed brunette! Ordered out of her clothing, Cali wriggles nude, bound and tape-gagged as she perches on her dining table; after her bondage escalates into a hogtie, athletic Cali arches with impressive energy on the table but remains restrained!

Appearances can be deceiving, a truth that Britney Lace learns the hard way when she allows innocent-looking Catie Parker into her home! Once she's inside, fugitive Catie makes  Britney to strip naked, ties her up, then gags her with duct tape! After playing with Britney's bound body, heartless Catie hogties her victim on the bed and walks away wearing Britney's little black dress!

Sweet little Presley Hart's in trouble again, this time as the captive of that creeper man! Once Presley's bound naked to a chair, her legs spread, breasts firmly embraced by rope, and mouth invaded by a ball-gag, the hooded character fondles her breasts and tests the ticklishness of those soft soles! Left to struggle in solitude, Presley wages a losing battle against her bondage while watching warily for the return of her captor!

Her naked body formidably immobilized by a knotted conspiracy of black rope, Sidney Adams isn't going anywhere but the acrobatic blonde expends an amazing amount of energy attempting to escape! Sidney twists and turns, bends over and rises on tiptoe while a rope suspended from above and linked to her chest bondage prevents her from running away! Despite a gag that consists of mouth packing covered by separate layers of self-adhesive and duct tape, Sidney's muffled squeals convey a high- spirited determination to free herself!

It's double jeopardy for Catie Parker's pussy when the alluring blonde's spreadeagled on her bed! Gagged with white tape, captive Catie tugs at the bonds holding her hands and feet in thrall and moans in frustration at her tight crotch-rope! But Catie has another unpleasant surprise coming, which arrives in the form of a vibrator that buzzes persistently until the helpless girl surrenders to its forceful charms!

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