Keep 'Em Quiet!

Release Date: Jul.29.2011
Running Time: 0:42:11
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cindy Schubert, Andrea Neal, Hannah Thurman, Regina Bartkowski, Tammy Wallace, Shayla Stevens, Kara Roberts, Julie King, Rachel Santini, Tara Lavelli, Samantha Hollister,

Andrea Neal writhes bound and gagged on the bathroom floor! Cindy Schubert and Tarrah Lavelli sit side by side and trussed up in the closet! Rachel Santini squirms in captivity! Shayla Stevens and Julie King struggle together on the bed! Innocent heroines all, they've been tied up and silenced by evil-doers, and so have Kara Roberts, Samantha Hollister, Hannah Thurman, and Tammy Wallace with Regina Bartkowski! 

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